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Lost Turkey Trail Races

1424 Overland Pass

Blue Knob, PA 50 Miler, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 29, 2017

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Pennsylvania's Fierce 50

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Pennsylvania's Toughest Trail Marathon

Hands down. Toughest out there.

Pennsylvania's Hardest Half

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About the Event

We run a stretch between the Laurel Highlands and the Appalachians that we know will challenge even the seasoned trail runner. Where the first half is runnable... and the second half will require you to reach deep into your core and find yourself on the trail. Where the elevation gain continues to increase as your tired legs burn and your lungs fight to keep up. This trail marathon begs you to test your limits with a serious 4650-ft of elevation gain... mostly at the tail end.

There will be awesome aid stations. There will be the best volunteers that money can buy. There will be race shirts and finisher awards to proudly display your accomplishment.

Some have attempted it... and hear the call for a return for 26.2.

Others say, why not double it? Let's go beyond our limits... 50-miles.

All runners will park at the Blue Knob ski resort where the 50 mile ultra will begin at 4:00 am. Marathon runners will be shuttled to the start line for a 8:00 am start.

The marathon is a point-to-point race. The 50 mile ultra requires one about face (this is an out and back on unarguably the toughest course in the area).

Runners who are fast enough to make the 9-hour cutoff (26.2) and 15-hour cutoff (50) can celebrate with their families and friends at the finish line. Runners who are not will be fed to the bears. And mountain lions. And yes, there are mountain lions here.

The Course

The Lost Turkey Trail is 26.28 miles long and marked with red paint blazes. The trail varies from double track to single track to simply a few blazes along the side of the steep ridges. The number of stream crossings in late July will simply depend on the rainfall, but the cable bridge over Bob's Creek will certainly save you from swimming.

From its southwestern terminus, the Lost Turkey Trail winds 14 miles through easy to moderately challenging terrain along Pot Ridge. It then meets Little Break Hollow in the crest of the Allegheny Front, and the running becomes very challenging and much more technical for the remainder of the course. The trail descends to the Burnt House picnic area, crosses PA Route 869, and follows the edge of Forks Ridge above an impressive canyon. Don't look down. It then descends to beautiful Bobs Creek, climbs steeply up and down Hogback Ridge, and at mile 24 reaches a monument to two pioneer children were lost mysteriously in 1856. As if Forks Ridge and Hogback Ridge weren't enough of a test, the trail begins a challenging climb to the top of Blue Knob where the finish line awaits for the victorious.

Testimonials from 26.2 Finishers

"The Lost Turkey Trail Marathon made the 52.4 miler I did in Michigan in the spring look like a casual stroll through the woods. Brutal run....I loved it!!!!" - Josiah Poore, Huron, OH

"This race is no joke, failure to prepare is preparing to fail." - Finisher

"Great organized race that was by far harder than a 50 miler I did last year. After Mile 17, get ready to be broken and find out what you are made of. The camaraderie of this race was terrific, and the aid stations were perfectly placed along the course. It feels like you are pretty much a "lost turkey" in the middle of the woods and then at just the right time smiling volunteers appear around the next bend ready to fill your water bottle, throw you some gummy worms, and tell you to, "Enjoy taking your water bottle for a hike up the next hill." - Finisher

"The toughest last 8 miles I ever ran in a marathon." - Bill Serafin, Clymer, PA

"The inaugural LTT was anything but a first time event. It gave the ultra feel of a veteran ultra thanks to the direction of experienced runners who actively sought out and listened to runners beforehand. From the ability to camp in site, to well stocked aid stations, to a post race meal and showers; this event was a joy to run and a perfectly timed race to gear up for the fall racing season." - Shelly Cable, Ruckersville, VA

"This has got to be one of the toughest marathons in PA. It's not the elevation change, almost entirely coming in the last 10 miles, but the terrain in which you run. There are boulders, ankle-biting rocks, severely sloped sections of trail, and it all starts at mile 0. At 26 miles, it may not be an ultra by definition, but your legs won't know the difference." - Finisher

"The people were encouraging and helpful, the aid stations had great food, and the trail was well marked. A great race day experience with a hard earned finish." - Rick Maricle, Cambridge Springs, PA

"I am sure to make this an annual climb to the top." - Jeremy Nelson, Stafford, VA

"I've done some of the tougher courses in PA. This ranks right up there with the best." - Finisher

"This race will challenge you, no question about it and at times you will curse the course but it is a group effort and everyone around you is going through it as well ...making it an amazing experience." - Michael Gerchak, Hollidaysburg, PA

"The name "Lost Turkey" makes the race sound so unassuming, or gentle...maybe even inviting. A ploy from the mind of a maniacal marketing Pennsylvanian! Kidding aside, the race was conducted by great, welcoming, and helpful people throughout. Beautiful trails. Can't wait for the ULTRA!" - Jordan Romanacce, Lake Grove, NY


Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deferments must be cleared by the Race Director (RD) in advance by:
1) Provide info showing you are called to active duty or reserves.
2) Injured runners may volunteer for the 2017 race day to defer your registration fee one year (to 2018).

Shirts will be ordered from the same company as last year. For those who ordered last year. Those who register late will receive their size selection as long as they are available in order of registration.

No drop bags. No pacers. No outside aid (from crews) other than at the Burnt House Aid Station (mile 7).

No drop bags. No pacers. No outside aid (from crews) other than at the Burnt House Aid Station (mile 17).

50-mile racers are required to carry a headlamp or other light at the start line. The race staff will have the liberty to pull you from the race if you do not meet the minimum cutoffs or if at any point thereafter you appear incapable of reaching the finish in the allotted time. Race staff have full discretion. If that should happen, you will be at the mercy of the race staff to return you to the finish line when their aid station closes.

50 runners may have a pacer run the last 10 miles with them (from the Burnt House Aid Station to the finish). Pacers must run behind and cannot mule. Pacers must check in with race staff.

Drop bags will be collected at the start line and will be made available for 50-mile runners at the Pot Ridge Aid Station (mile 18/30). Location subject to change with notice. Outside aid (from crews) may only be rendered at the Babcock Aid Station (mile 25) along PA 56 and the Burnt House Aid Station (mile 7/42). No other outside aid may be accepted.

Runners may transfer their registration to the remaining race *until that event is sold out* or by July 1 (whichever comes first) by emailing the RD first. Registrations may NOT be transferred to other runners nor may they be deferred unless as noted above.

Post-Race Festivities

We encourage you to stay and share some food and beverages with your fellow runners at the finish.

Blue Knob state park offers a variety of outdoor options to keep your family and friends busy while you run - trails, vista views, a public swimming pool and the nearby Blue Knob All Seasons Resort.

Local time: 5:49 AM


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