Saturday, Apr 1, 2017

Dam 50K VA

2072 Ford Rd.

Sandy Level, VA 50K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 1, 2017

Event Description

The Dam 50k on April 1, 2017. Seize this rare opportunity to explore both peaks of SML. This challenging 31 + mile course, mixed with roads, trails, and an elevation gain of 4140.9 ft., will start at the Smith Mountain Dam. This race will be directed by Dr. David Horton.

Included will also be the Smith Mountain 5k
Awards for the 50k
Patagonia Finisher Shirts
Top Ten M/F will receive ONE-OF-A-KIND core samples from Smith Mountain
Overall M/F will receive a unique award

and the notorious Best of Blood award

Awards for the 5k
Overall M/F
Top three M/F in 13 age groups

Dam 50K Course Directions by Dr. David Horton
Start: Parking lot next to picnic area and restroom facilities, before you cross over the bridge, .7 mile before the Visitor Center for the Dam

1. Cross the bridge and head up the hill towards the Visitor Center, at .6 mile turn right at the top of the hill on a road to the right, go steeply up the hill.
2. Reach the top of the hill and go around the gate onto Silver Dollar Road. Pass the tower on the left at 1.55 miles. Continue on the gravel road to the paved road.
3. Reach Toler’s Ferry Road ( 608 ) and Aid Station 1 at mile 4.27. Turn right and follow Toler’s Ferry Road.
4. Green Gate on left side of the road at the bottom of a hill is AS 2 at mile 8.58. Continue on this paved road.
5. Reach AS 3 at intersection of 608 and 672, Ridgeville/ Pittsville Roads at mile 12.75.
6. Reach intersection of 608 and 771 at mile 12.93. Turn right on 771.
7. Reach intersection of 771 and 605, Toshes and Court Roads at mile at mile 14.40. Turn right on Toshes Road.
8. Reach AS 4 at intersection of Jasmine and Toshes Road, 778 and 605 at mile 16.57. This is next to church and cemetery. Turn right on gravel road which is Toshes Road.
9. At mile 17.38 turn left on Yorkshire which is a paved road.
10. At Ford Road which is mile 19.04, turn right on Ford Road ( 908 ) and proceed back to the starting area.
11. Reach AS 5 and the starting area and the restrooms at mile 21.30.
12. Turn left in front of the restrooms and go straight across the road onto a single track trail.
13. Ascend the mountain on the DEATH CLIMB.
14. Reach AS 6 at mile 22.70 at the top of the Death Climb.
15. Continue on the gravel road along the ridge with GREAT views to the right. There are several climbs and descents along this ridge.
16. Reach AS 7 at mile 26.35 at Lakeview Gap still on the gravel road and the ridge.
17. Reach bottom of hill and Jasmine Road ( 778 ) at mile 27.50. Turn left on Jasmine Road which is still a gravel road.
18. Go to AS 8 and the intersection of Jasmine and Yorkshire Roads ( 777 and 778 ) and mile 29.55.
19. Turn left on the paved road Yorkshire ( 777 ), go to intersection of Ford and Yorkshire.
20. Stay left on Ford Road and continue to the finish at mile 32.47 miles.
Aid Station Crews
Crew 1: AS 1: Intersection of Silver Dollar Road and Toller’s Ferry Road: mile 4.27
AS 5: Start/Finish line: mile 21.30

Crew 2: AS 2: Green Gate on left side of 608: mile 8.58
AS 6: Top of Death Climb and the tower: mile 22.70
Crew 3: AS 3: Intersection of 608 and 672 ( Ridgeway/Pittsville Rds. ) mile 12.75
AS 7: Lakeview Gap on saddle in Ridge Road: mile 26.35.

Crew 4: AS 4: Intersection of Jasmine and Toshes Rds. ( 778 and 605 ), mile 16.57
AS 8: Intersection of Jasmine and Yorkshire Rds. ( 777 and 778 ) and mile 29.55.

History of Smith Mountain Lake

At 5:03 a.m. on March 7, 1966, Smith Mountain Lake was proclaimed ‘complete,’ having finally reached 795 feet above sea level (full pond) for the first time. The massive Appalachian Power project, which began in 1960, had officially become a lake. The project involved the construction of Smith Mountain and Leesville Lake dams as well as six new bridges and 22 miles of new or improved roads.

By 1967, Smith Mountain Lake was recognized as the largest inland water recreation area wholly within Virginia, It soon earned a reputation as a haven for fisherman and a paradise for campers, boaters, and water skiing enthusiasts.

Over the past 50 years, area residents, vacationers, and fisherman from all over the East Coast have discovered the beauty and serenity of Smith Mountain Lake. With 500 miles of shoreline situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s easy to see how great memories are made here. Smith Mountain Lake has further developed into an active, fun-loving community featuring marinas, golf courses, restaurants, shops and all the amenities while still remaining its laid-back “rather-go-fishing” charm.

Local time: 11:09 AM


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