Saturday, Aug 5, 2017

Rainbow Bridge Trail Ultra

Navajo Mountain, AZ 55K, 35K, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 5, 2017

Course description

Welcome to Navajo land with a 55K trail run, 35K trail run, Half Marathon.
HALF MARATHON: 13 miles on double track road OUT to the Rainbow Bridge Trail Head (36.99583, -110.89292) & back to the start line. Mostly flat like course long rolling "bumps". Course is about 500 ft of ascent.

35K: Description of above to the RB trail head, course will extend to single track of the Rainbow Bridge trail. 4200' altitude to 6800' altitude. Slick rock sand stone and sand. In the single track part of the course is up an down through small canyons, switch backs, dry or wet wash crossing depending on weather. Full of amazing views 360 degrees around. The turn around is just before Yabut Pass (37.02666, -110.92070)

55K: From description of above the course will continue pass Yabut Pass and down into a 2 mile decent of 2,000 ft in Cliff Canyon, following the wash at the bottom continue to a location called Painted Rocks (37.04777, -110.9692) where the turn around point is back to the start line.

The trail goes back in history with Navajo elders, endless stories of the trail an surround area. The area being a refuge from the U.S. Army when the Navajo people were slaved to do The Long Walk. The Díne, what Navajo called themselves, hid in these canyons where became their home while in hiding until the government relocated the slaved Díne to what is now the Navajo Reservation.

Lodging / Camping

The closest gas station is about 24 miles away on the way in from highway 98, the next closest lodging motel is over an hour away.
What will be available is a designated camping area for us. Provide your own tent. I will have a grill an gas stove for ones whom want to use them for food.
Breakfast will be provided before the run, also lunch at the end of the run.
If you have trouble finding a tent, recommend you visit the Facebook page "Moccasin Running" an use the site to find others they can help or contact race director for assistance.
RVs, Camping trailers, tents, car camping ALL are okay to do!
We may have a few tents to rent out if you need to, we also have extra sleeping bags as well. Contact RD for these in advance.

Start Location

From Flagstaff : North of highway 89 for about 45 minutes, head EAST on highway 160 for another 40-45 minutes reaching highway 98 making a LEFT turn going NORTH WEST crossing the rail road tracks. Heading on 98 for about 20 minutes is the junction of Incription House (the only gas station on the highway on 98). You will make a right on INDIAN ROUTE 16. At this juction is 2nd to last store an fuel station for travel. Heading in the North East direction on Indian Route 16 for about 8 miles is the last fuel station. Heading down the road for another 25 minutes a white area announcer stand will be visible to the west, along with horse corrals and just across the road is a windmill for land mark location.

Start Time an Cut off time

4AM MST head lamp use for about an hour.

6 hours after the start to check in at 'Old trading post aid station"

Special 2 day event

August 4th is a start of local event that honors the Navajo Elders of their teachings, their leadership, sharing their history in a festival of games, horse racing, food eating contests, foot races, band performance, and traditional dancing. Our running events will be starting and ending in this area. The finish will be like a roar of natives cheering your finish!

Finisher Awards and Overall Awards

We do things differently out here on Navajo Land, our finisher awards are custom beaded bracelets with Rainbow Bridge & Navajo Mountain. The longer the run the more detail and wider the ban.
The overall awards are also custom pottery art work from our own Navajo people from around the surrounding area.
Beaded bracelets do take time and to secure one sign up soon as you can.

Aid Station Information

CUP LESS EVENT . You WILL NEED a hydration pack/ bottles.
4 aid station with food, gels, drinks, water, map information. w/ first aid kits.

35K & 55K runners WILL NEED TO BE TOPPED OFF with fluid before heading out on the Rainbow Bridge Trail.

Local time: 2:26 AM


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