Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. May 27, 2017

The VM150 Run

This event will be a 150 mile run across the state of Michigan over Memorial Weekend 2018. The run will start on the beach at Lake Michigan in Ludington, and end at the Saginaw Bay in Bay City. Leg maps and pace chart are found in the "Route" section of our website. Basic food and drink will be provided at stations/relay stops which will be staged approximately every 5-10 miles. Runners or teams can pick their point to start and finish. Run individually, or form a relay team. If you are a military Veteran, add coupon code "VETERAN" for a 50% discount on your registration fee.


If you are going to run solo for less than 100 miles, or are a team member, select "SUB 100 MILE". Registration is $50. If you plan to run for more than 100 miles, select "100 PLUS". Runners that run more than 100 continuous miles will receive a buckle.
If you are a military Veteran, enter the coupon code "VETERAN" for a 50% discount on your registration fee.

Running as a Team - VM150 Relay

To run as a team, first register yourself as a solo runner. Then simply type in your team name as part of the registration process. Teams can break up the distance they select in any way they choose. Getting your team to each designated leg start is your team's responsibility

Cut off time

The run will commence at 8:00 am Saturday May 26, and will end at 12:00 pm Monday, May 28.


We're looking for Aid Station Captains, Aid Station volunteers, and drivers. If you have some other way you'd like to volunteer at the event itself, or leading up to it, please let us know at

Local time: 7:58 AM


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