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Wind River Running

The Sinks Canyon Trail Races start and finish in beautiful Sinks Canyon, the corridor to Wyoming's Wind River Mountains. You can expect scenery that includes wildflower heaven, snow and ice covered peaks, deep canyons, enormous views, and fun trails. This race is hosted by the Lander Running Club, an inclusive, community-based organization for and by runners. Join us for a fun, and challenging, day of running some of the West's premier trails.

50k Course Description

The 50K course is a legit mountain run. If you like to play hard in the mountains this is the run for you. Here is the route: from Bruce’s parking lot enjoy the wildflowers of the mellow Sinks Canyon/River Trail until you get to the Sinks Canyon Campground. From there, cross the highway to a Climber’s trails and enjoy the steep climb to top of Fairfield ridge. From the ridge, you’ll do a steep and technical drop down to Sheep Creek and up another two-track through a sea of wildflowers to the Timbertop Mountain. Turn left, and begin the ascent to Fairfield Hill. Enjoy the panorama of the Wind River Mountains in front of you as you traverse ridge on two track to Fairfield saddle. If you’re feeling groovy jump off the trail and quick bag the peak, the view is awesome. Tuck and roll off the Fairfiled saddle and head downhill back towards Sinks Canyon. After scooting around some mud on the road, don’t miss the right turn onto some fun single track back down to the bottom of Sinks Canyon. Cross the highway to Sinks Canyon Campground again and stay close to the river as you head back to Bruce’s Parking area (the start). Cross the road and begin your rocky adventure up the Middle Fork Trail. About 5.5 to 6 miles up the Middle Fork, hang a left, cross Sheep’s Bridge, and make the ascent to Worthen Meadows Reservoir. If you’re hot, take a quick dip before running on improved dirt road and a little bit of pavement before you get to Fossil Hill. Take a look behind you as you run for some of the best scenery of the day. After the Fossil Hill Aid Station, cross the cattle guard and turn left to begin your traverse around Fossil Hill through wildflower heaven on the Brewer’s Trail. Turn right on the Aspen Grade Trail to finish your descent and loop your way through the canyon back to Bruce’s Parking Area for the finish.

18 KM Course Description

From the start at Bruce’s Parking Area, head down canyon on a rocky trail until you reach the junction for the Brewer’s Trail. Turn right and head uphill through a cool pine forest until the trail meets the first switchback of the loop road. A volunteer should direct to the road, where you’ll run on a bit of pavement until getting off the road to the right of the next switchback. From there you’ll ascend up the “snowmobile track” (there is no snow, I promise) through wildflowers, meadows, and lot’s of rocks. Turn left on a brand new, but smooth, single track to go to the Fossil Hill Aid Station. Head down the dirt road, cross the cattle guard, and turn off onto the gorgeous, swooping single track of the Brewer’s trail. Traversing around Fossil Hill is special, with spectacular views of the Wind River Mountains, canyons, foothills, and Wind River Basin before plunging back down into Sinks Canyon on semi-technical single track and eventually returning along the river to the finish line at Bruce’s parking lot.

6 KM Course Description

From the start at Bruce’s Parking Area, head down canyon on a rocky trail until you reach the junction for the Brewer’s Trail. Turn right and head uphill through a cool pine forest until you reach the Aspen Grade junction. Turn left, and run down the lovely technical trail back down to the bottom of the canyon. From there frolic through cool pine forests and gorgeous wildflower filled meadows along the rumbling Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. From there enjoy the mellow grade trail back to where you started. This is a great race for anyone just starting out running and are looking for a fun and interesting challenge.

Kid's 1Km

Sponsored by Wyoming Running, we are excited to offer a kids' 1 kilometer event this year. Finishers will receive a custom Sinks Canyon Trail Races cup as well as a cool summer treat for their efforts. Athletes may be accompanied by ONE adult if they require on-course support. There will not be place awards, only finisher awards. The Kids' K is open to ages 3 through 12. Online registration is open April 1st through June 10th. Unlike the longer distances, we will accept day-of registrations, so even if you miss the registration deadline, show up at Bruce's Parking Lot before the 10:30AM start time and we'll make sure you get a chance to run.

Registration and Rollovers

Registration will open on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you canceled your registration for the previous year's race, you have received rollover credit for the amount you spent on your previous registration. In order to use that credit, you must re-register before the race has met its capacity to secure your spot. Please register with your account or with the same email address you used in the past.

For questions relating to how to edit or cancel your registration, please see the FAQ section on UltraSignup.

Experience Lander

This is a fantastic destination race with a diversity of fantastic accommodations and opportunities for all flavors of fun. Outdoor recreational opportunities include world-class rock climbing, camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and much more. If you're looking to kick back after a challenging day of running, Lander has some wonderful restaurants, cafes, and watering holes to suit any mood or taste.


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