Saturday, Dec 2, 2017

Arctic Frog Endurance Run

16400 Buckley Rd

Libertyville, IL 50K, 25K, 15K

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 2, 2017

Course Description

“Arctic Frog” Endurance Run is a beginner’s Ultra marathon. This scenic course features a trilogy of pavement, wooded and crushed limestone trails that runs North and South of Des Plaines River (DPR) and Northwest Casey Trails. Make NO mistake- it will NOT be a “gimme” with a few challenges in stow (rolling hills) but fair! What's more, if lucky-this northern Chicago suburbia turns into a "Winter Wonderland" come December each year making it a unique running experience for anyone that haven’t tried running in the cold winter months!

50k Buckle Series | Explained

-There are 7 Frogs of different colors in the series (green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, red, and tie dye)
-One may collect them in NO particular order EXCEPT the "Tie Dye" Frog: which is the Final Frog in the series.

Upon completion of 7 Arctic Frog 50k run, you will be awarded the following:
-A shadowbox to showcase your achievement.
-A one-of-a-kind Arctic Frog GOLD coin with the inscriptions "I Did Not Croak!"

Nearby Hotels from the Race

1. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago-Libertyville | Book online or call: 1-800-972-2494
77 West Buckley Road, Libertyville, IL 60048
Distance | 0.3 miles

2. Days Inn Libertyville | Book online or call: 1-847-816-8006
1809 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048
Distance | 0.5 miles

3. Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago-Libertyville | Book online or call: 1-847-680-8828
2061 Shell Drive, Libertyville, IL
Distance | 2.7 miles

Course Map & Layout


Cut-off: 15k & 25k = 4 hrs (12pm) | 50k = 8 hrs (4pm)

The month of December has limited daylight hours. In fact, roughly 8-9 hours only from sunrise to sunset. That being said, EVERY [15k, 25k/50k] race participant has until 4pm to finish the race.

For best results, we recommend that 50k race participants give it their "best effort" to finish Loop No. 1 by 12:00pm to make the eight (8) hour cutoff.

Packet Pick-up (Race Day Only)

* Packet pick-up OPENS 0630 and CLOSES promptly at 0745. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

* You MUST have a photo ID to pick-up your packet e.g. Drivers License, State or Student ID. NO ID, NO PACKET!

Race Start | Parking | Important Notes

a. The race start is to the right (east) of Independence Grove near the Visitor Center, 16400 Buckley Rd, Libertyville, IL, 60048. When you first come into Independence Grove, you may get stopped by the Gate Guard. Just mention that you are running the race and you will NOT be required to pay the $5 non-resident fee if live outside Lake County.
b. Please park by lots B or C.

c. Pacer: No.

d. Pets: NO DOGS or pets on race weekend (runners, crew or pacers).

e. DNF: We get it. We all have bad days running but please make sure we have your Bib # before you leave the race. DON'T JUST LEAVE!

Start Times

15km Run: 8:30 am
25km Run: 8:00 am
50km Run: 8:00 am

Aid Stations

There will be 3 fully stocked aid stations. All of which will provide water and sports drink e.g. Gatorade and Tailwind while the 3 "unmanned/self-help" stations will provide water only.

Main aid stations will have a variety of snacks, cookies, bacon, bacon-pickles, "hot" vegetarian and meat chilli, including bananas, oranges, pickles, pretzels, chips, Jelly Beans, M&M’s, Gummy Bears, trail mix, Cup-O-Noodles, chicken broth, coffee and hot cocoa.

Primary Course | 25k-2 Loop / 50k-4 Loops

Note: (*) = Unmanned AS/Water Only

AS No. 1 START/FINISH | Location: IGFP Welcome Center
Distance from Start/Finish to AS2 = 1.75 miles (cumulative)

*AS No. 2 | Location: Mid-DPR Trails
Distance from AS2 to AS3 = 2.33 miles (cumulative 4.2)

AS No. 3 | TURNAROUND POINT | Location: Casey Road
Distance from AS3 to AS2 = 2.33 miles (cumulative 6.4)

AS No. 2 | Location: Mid-DPR Trails
Distance from AS2 to AS1 | Start/Finish = 1.35 miles (cumulative 7.75)

Primary Course | 15k-3 Loops

Note: (*) = Unmanned AS/Water Only

AS No. 1 | START/FINISH | Location: Welcome Center
Distance from Start/Finish to AS2 = 1.75 miles (cumulative)

*AS No. 2 | TURNAROUND POINT | Location: Mid-DPR Trails
Distance from AS2 to AS1 | Start/Finish = 1.35 miles (cumulative 3.1)


Flush toilets are located near the start/finish at both the visitor center and at the beach house. There is another set of restrooms at the North Bay pavilion, which is close to mile marker 1.5. Both are "heated" restrooms.

Drop Bags

There will be a tarp at the start/finish for drop bags. We will not be transporting any drop bags to any locations on the course.

What To Wear

AS Tents will have Heaters but come ready for COLD weather and running in the snow regardless of the weather forecast. Bring EXTRA clothes, socks and another pair of running shoes. This is Chicago after all … The weather does turn for the worst rather quickly!

10 Day Race Area Weather Forecast

Paste the link onto your browser |

Refund, Transfer and Deferral Policy

- No refund in the event that the RACE is CANCELLED due to inclement weather.
- Every transaction is final. No refund will be issued to anyone who at a later date decides to CANCEL his/her race entry. Your best option at that juncture is to DEFER your entry to the following year. See DEFFERAL Policy below.
- Due to the related costs incurred for the event, we will not refund the monetary difference when one chooses to DROPDOWN from a longer race distance to a shorter one.

We allow transfer(s) but it must be made known to us 45 days before race day. Furthermore, TRANSFERS to a SHORTER DISTANCE though executed 45 days before race day will NOT receive any refund for the monetary difference of the longer race entry.

We allow deferral(s). In fact, NO QUESTION(S) will be asked as to your reason for the deferral but will only credit you 50% of your registration fee plus $10 processing fee for the following year. You have one year to "use" or "lose" it.


-There will be NO dropping down in distance(s) once you start the race. The race you start will be the race you will finish or DNF.
-If you DNF your distance, you will not get credit medal for a shorter distance. Only those with the tenacity and mental fortitude will finish.

For Any Other Questions Contact

Rey Letada
Owner | Managing Director of Operations

We look forward to seeing everyone on December 5!


Local time: 1:09 PM


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