Saturday, Mar 4, 2017 @ 8:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 4, 2017

About Green Monster Duathlon

This duathlon IS NOT A RACE. It’s a test of your mettle. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to complete 24 miles over three legs of running and cycling, while gaining nearly 5000 feet of elevation and battling the average early-March weather of Kitsap County? We think you do!

Registration is available for participants in one of three categories: SOLO, 2-PERSON TEAM, or 3-PERSON TEAM. Registration for the inaugural event will be capped at 60 participants!

While this event will not be timed, there will be a "safety clock" at Transition so folks have an idea of how they're doing. Unofficial and manual timing will be entered through Ultra Signup. Strava users can indulge in a unique Green Monster user group to track and satisfy the individual competitor within.

All proceeds from the event will go directly back to our community – supporting Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance – West Sound, Team RWB, and the Evergreen Turtle Rockets. These are our trail users and stewards! Let’s rally and support them!!

Leg 1 (RUN) - The Miserable Loop

7.4 Miles with 1350’ Elevation Gain – Follow Paul Sheldon and depart the Transition Area (located at Horse Camp) and ascend the Beaver Pond Trail. Beaver Pond will take you on a rolling gallop along the west side of the mountain and link up with Plummer Trail. Down Plummer for a bit, and you’ll connect to the infamous ankle breaker….the Gold Creek Trail – on which you’ll head up to the Vista Point of Green Mountain. The Vista will be home to a lovely aid station so you can restock your depleted nutrients before descending Wildcat Trail back to Transition.

Leg 2 (BIKE) - Slaughterhouse Onslaught

8.6 Miles with 1750’ Elevation Gain – On this leg you’ll depart Transition and bomb down the Davis Trail to the intersection with GM-17. Hope you brought your climbing legs – because you’re in for a treat! Follow Billy Pilgrim straight up GM-17 in your granniest of granny gears and you’ll link up with GM-1 past the gate. Follow GM-1 around and continue climbing to the Vista, where you’ll again take advantage of the lovely oasis presented by calorie-laden chunks of food and electrolyte boosting beverages. From the Vista, you’ll get in your aero tuck for the descent down GM-1 to link up with GM-3 heading back towards Transition. As you approach the Horse Camp, drop to the left down the Wildcat Trail to get your singletrack fix. At the road crossing with GM-41, hang a right and get ready for an off-road time trial against the creatures of Tralfamadore back up the road to Transition!

Leg 3 (RUN) - The Fire Swamp

7.5 Miles with 1450’ Elevation Gain – This is our “discovery” route – as this leg thrusts participants into the far-outlaying areas of Green Mountain upon which only a few have trodden. Bring your sense of adventure (and maybe some waterproof socks) as you depart Transition and head south on the Davis Trail. After the bridge crossing, you’ll jump to the left and follow the up-and-down “Tree Farm Trail” to the Hangman Trail, where your tree-climbing skills will be tested as you scale the downed timber blocking access to motorized vehicles. After you scale the trail block at the far end, continue down towards the Ueland Tree Farm. When you hit the Ueland access road take a load off at the aid station before doubling back to the left on the pseudo-fire road with all the crazy cool vehicle ditches. From here, you’re going to have to get mentally sorted before tackling the “toes and finger tips” climb of the Cliffs of Despair to save Princess Buttercup before heading back to the finish line and enjoying a libation with a R.O.U.S.!

Accessing Horse Camp

A map will be published the week prior to the event, and the gate will remain open for the duration of the event for safety reasons. Please watch your speed on GM-1, as there are hikers and bikers using it daily, and be cognizant of the fact that it’s a two-way road. Please don’t be the reason that we’re asked not to come back next year!!

More Important Information

For more information about the course, lodging, food & beverages, amenities, and event parking, please visit one of the following websites:
Kitsap Adventure Outdoor Sports (KAOS)
Facebook KAOS page
Event page

Local time: 8:57 PM


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