Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Fling 600

1000 East Street

Southington, CT 10hrs, 5K

This Event Took Place Sun. May 7, 2017

Event Description

Come join the CT Trailmixers for the Spring Fling trail races! We’re offering two events:

Spring Fling 600 ultramarathon: You run as many loops of the three-mile trail course as possible within 600 minutes (10 hours). You’re not required to run ultra distance, although many people will; you need to complete at least two loops to receive a finisher’s medal.

Spring Fling 5k: This is the same course as the 600-minute ultramarathon, but you run just one loop with a bit added on to make the 5k distance.

The CT Trailmixers welcome people who are new to trail running! This is a great opportunity to give trail running a try. We make it fun, with well-marked courses that offer a great variety of terrain and scenery. And you’ll get plenty of cheers and high-fives along the way.

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YMCA Camp Sloper, 1000 East St, Southington, CT 06489

Start Times / Schedule

6:30 am ET: Race-day check-in begins. Please arrive and check-in by 7:45.
7:50: Pre-race briefing.
8:00: 5k begins.
8:10: Ultramarathon begins.
6:10: Ultramarathon ends.

Race Limits

The race will be limited to 125 600-minute runners and 75 5k runners.

Registration Fees

Spring Fling 600 ultra: $40 pre-reg, $60 race-day reg
Spring Fling 5k: $20 pre-reg, $30 race-day reg

We try to keep our registration fees as low as possible, so this won’t be the most high-tech 5k or ultra you’ve run. But you’ll have fun, we promise! Your contribution will help cover the costs of food, supplies, and other expenses.

Trail and Course Description

The main course is a roughly three-mile loop with moderately rolling hills and about 250 feet of elevation gain. It's run mostly on wooded trails, but includes some grass sections. Parts of the course are covered with rocks and roots, while other sections are smoother. You’ll experience a wide variety of terrain and scenery. The course will be marked with yellow flags on the ground.

600-minute race participants will complete as many three-mile loops as they’d like within ten hours. You only need to complete two three-mile loops to be considered a race finisher and receive a medal, although most people will complete more.

The 5k run is the same course as the 600-minute course, but with a small adjustment to add .1 miles. It’s more of a trail course vs. a traditional grassy cross country course.

Course Support

The three-mile course will start and finish at the main pavilion at Camp Sloper. You’ll need to check-in with a volunteer at the end of each loop so we can track how many loops you complete. When you’re done with racing, please tell the volunteer so we know you’re leaving the course.

There will be two aid stations: One at the main pavilion start / finish area, and one about halfway along the course (roughly 1.5 miles into the three-mile loop). Runners will have access to traditional basic trail ultra food, such as fruit, potatoes, chips, candies, water, and Gatorade, along with plenty of baked goods because the CT Trailmixers loved to bake. We’ll also have pancakes and grilled cheese available throughout the day. If you have specific nutritional needs, please bring your own stuff. You’ll be able to keep a drop bag at either aid station, as they are fairly close to each other.


All participants will get a handmade finisher’s medal upon completing their race. The first 100 registrants for the ultramarathon will get a CT Trailmixers branded soup mug. Additional prizes will be awarded to top finishers as follows:

Fastest male and female, and age group winners.

Top male and female who complete the most full loops in the shortest time within 10 hours (600 minutes), and age group winners. If more than one runner completes the same longest distance, the winner will be the runner who finishes that distance first.


Connecticut weather in early May can be cool and rainy or sunny and warm. Ah, the joys of New England! Pay attention to the forecast.


Holiday Inn Express Southington
120 Laning Street, Southington, CT 06489

Residence Inn Marriott Southington
778 West Street, Southington, CT 06489

Course Map

The course map is included in one of the photos on this registration page.

About the CT Trailmixers

The CT Trailmixers are a trail running club based in central Connecticut. Our members are passionate about sharing Connecticut’s many wonderful trails with friends and visitors, and the trails at Camp Sloper offer a wide variety of beautiful terrain with varying difficulty levels. For more information on the CT Trailmixers, visit And special thanks to the Southington Community YMCA for their partnership!

Local time: 11:41 AM


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