Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 @ 5:00 AM

Folsom Lake Ultra Trail

Beals Point

Granite Bay, CA 68.5 Miler, 3 Per Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 16, 2017

Prize $$$

Only solo runners that register as hunters are eligible for prize money. You can switch your registration from Prey to Hunter or Hunter to Prey until August 31, 2018.

Prize purse is gender based and it depends of the number of registered runners in each gender.

We will allocated $1,000 per every 10 registered runners of each gender for the Solo race for up to $5,000 ($10,000 combined) . Each gender prize purse will be divided as followed.

1st Place = 50% of the gender total prize purse
2nd Place = 32.5% of the gender total prize purse
3rd Place = 17.5% of the gender total prize purse
The more runners we get, the higher the prize purse.

Everyone is entered, runners who do not reside in the US will be subject to tax initially when paid

Prize will be mailed to the runner.

43 male runners registered as hunters = $4,000 prize purse.
65 female runners registered as hunters = $5,000 prize purse.


Folsom Lake Ultra Trail (FLUT) is the only event to run all the way around Folsom Lake, to our knowledge, this may be the only race covering this length of distance while circumnavigating a body of water in California.

FLUT has a total of 12 aid stations that are packed with all kinds of food that ultra-runners need, water, electrolyte, boiled potatoes, chips, candy, gel packets, salt pills, and the later aid stations will have whole foods such as soup, quesadillas, etc.

This race changes directions every year. 2018 will be a clockwise direction. The course is a mix of trails and some roads (82% Trail, 18% Road).

Relay team:

Come test your limits as a team! – You and 2 other of your friends can run all the way around Folsom Lake (2 person teams: 1 runner must cover at least 2 legs of the race). No runner or team can skip a leg, you will be considered as a DNF.

When a runner registers as a relay team, the runner will receive an email for the other team members to finish their registration.

Only one runner at a time. This event consist of three legs:

1st leg – From Beals Point to Gate 142 AS (21.5 miles**)

2nd leg – From Gate 142 to Salmon Falls AS (24.5 miles**)

3rd leg – From Salmon Falls to Beals Point (22.4 miles**)

**All distances are approximate. This course was mapped using a Garmin 920, Garmin 220, and Suunto Ambit 3, we got a different distance every time and decided to use the average.**

Local time: 10:43 AM


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