Saturday, Mar 25, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Red Moshannon Downriver Race

Grassflat, PA 7.5 Mile Solo, 7.5 Mile Team

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 25, 2017

General Information

Please refer to or Tussey Mountain Outfitters website for all detailed information regarding the race.

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About the event

Held on a remote 7.5-mile section of Moshannon Creek between Peale Bridge near the town of Grassflat, PA and the Route 53 Bridge near the town of Moshannon, PA. At moderate levels this section of creek is rated Class II+ on the International Scale of Difficulty. High water significantly increases the difficulty. Extra flotation in boats is highly recommended. Most years there are numerous swims and bent boats!! Cold water paddling clothing is recommended. The stream & air temperatures are usually very cold.


Life jackets must be worn throughout the race-no automatically or manually inflating life jackets
Decked boaters, SUP boarders must wear helmets, helmets not required but recommended for open boaters
Decked boats must have spray skirts, decking for open canoes limited to 36” bow & stern
Canoes must be propelled with single blade paddles, operating auto floor bailers not allowed, Operating rudders or skegs not allowed.
Extra floatation placed in canoes/kayaks highly recommended.
Minimum age of solo kayak or canoe paddler is 16 years of age, Race official’s word is final.

Race Classes

Here is a general listing of the various race classes that you can enter.

For more info see:

Race Class:
Men - Stand Up Paddle Board
Women - Stand Up Paddle Board
K-1 Women Rec Short
K-1 Women Whitewater
K-1 Women Rec Medium
K-1 Women Rec Long
OC-2 Women
OC-2 Over/Under
OC-1 Master
OC-1 Men
OC2 Mixed
K-2 Unlimited
Open Class
OC-2 Century
OC-2 Composite
OC-2 Short
OC-2 Long
OC-1 Unlimited
K-1 Men Whitewater
K-1 Men Whitewater Master
K-1 Men Rec Short
K-1 Men Rec Medium
K-1 Men Rec Long
OC-2 Unlimited
K-1 Unlimited
K-1 Wildwater

Local time: 5:19 PM
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