Saturday, Sep 30, 2017 @ 6:30 AM

Yo Momma's Old School Trail Race

20505 Reigel Rd

Circleville, OH 50 Miler, 50K, 25K, 8 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 30, 2017


Yo Momma's Old School Trail Race will be held in the beautiful A.W. Marion State Park in Circleville, OH. Come out and join us for a mix of rocks n' roots, rolling hills, a creek crossing or two, and lots of fun!

Momma's events are always family friendly! Bring your kids, family, friends, and crews! There is plenty of green space to setup pop-up tents by the lake.


The course is a challenging 4 mile loop with a mixture of single-track, roots n' rocks, and a couple of grassy areas. There are plenty of rolling hills and LOTS of steps. After a quick run across the dam, you will mostly be in the woods for the duration of this awesome course.

50 Milers- You will complete 13 loops for a total of 52 miles.

50k’ers- You will complete 8 loops for a total of 32 miles.

25k’ers- You will complete 4 loops for a total of 16 miles.

8 Milers- C’mon. I don’t really have to tell you, right?
If you are one of the lucky folks who will be running slightly over your listed mileage, there is no additional charge. You’re welcome!!

- There will be lots and lots of fluorescent orange flagging tape along the course :) We will mark where you should go. We will mark off where you should NOT go.

- In addition to orange flagging tape, you will see the following types of course markers: Yellow signs with directional arrows informing you, “Yo Momma is This Way”, orange flags, and ground marking paint. We believe in OVER-marking our course! If you get lost on it, it is your fault ;)

* Will we have big mud this year?? Our Spring race at this park has been notoriously muddy many times. September in Ohio? Who knows?! There are creek crossings. Please plan for wet feet, and be happy if they stay dry!

* The course has been measured multiple times with multiple devices. We have made every effort to be sure it is the advertised length. Please direct all complaints about course length to Yo Momma :)


Safety is our #1 priority. First aid supplies will be on hand and the appropriate medical personnel and Circleville Fire Dept will be on standby. Circleville Fire Dept. 740-474-3333

Momma’s Old School Trail Race will take place RAIN OR SHINE; however, the RD’s reserve the right to change the course, delay the start, end early, or cancel altogether for safety reasons.

Headlamps and/or flashlights will be required for all running in the dark.


A runner may choose to switch races any time PRIOR TO THE START OF THE RACE at 6:30am.

A runner may NOT switch races at any time after the 6:30 start. This is the only rule I am hardcore about people. Please make sure you have chosen the event you really want to be in before the start!

Please Note: If you plan to switch distances please do so in advance to help out your RD’s. If you let us know about the change by Friday Sept 9, we will happily switch you to your preferred distance. If you make the change after Friday Sept 9, we will happily make the change…for a $10 transfer fee :) Simply shoot us an email at to switch distances.


There will be one aid station, located at the Start/Finish.

* Aid stations will be stocked with water, Hammer Products, Pop, cookies, pretzels, chips, candy, PB&Js, nuts, and bananas. We will also have ZANZIs pizzas available beginning around noon. Gatorade will also be available.

* Aid stations will be stocked with First Aid supplies.

* Please bring a water bottle or other hydration container. We would like to join many of our trail racing friends in an effort to cut down on waste. We will have cups available, but we would be so happy if you could use your bottles as much as possible.


You may leave a drop bag at the Start/Finish aid station shelter.

If you are camping, feel free to use your camp site as an aid station as you run past. You may leave drop bags there, as well.


There will be port-a-johns available within a few feet of the trail. These will be located in the Start/Finish area, the Marina, and the campgrounds.



You MUST report to one of the RD’s -Rob or Angie Carroll- if you wish to drop from the race.

Please DO NOT leave the course without letting us know! This is for your safety!

DQ Policy

There is a 14-hour cut-off for the 50k and 50 mile races. You MUST also be able to begin your final loop by 630PM. Our permit with the State Park is valid for specific times, and we can not make exceptions to this rule.

There is a 10-hour cut-off for the 8 mile and 25k races.

Please respect all volunteers, runners, the park and your RDs, or we will make fun of you mercilessly and DQ you :)

If we determine a runner has cut the course for any reason, they will be disqualified and receive a DNF in race results.


Please bring your friends, families & crews to support and encourage you! The best part of a loop course is that you get so many opportunities to experience and appreciate that support!

Crew, family, and friends can park in the main lot at the Start/Finish area, and should feel free to set-up pop-up tents and spend the day with us. There is plenty of green space in the start finish area!


Camping is available at A.W. Marion State Park. Reserve a spot at or 866-644-6727. The campgrounds are about a 5 minute drive from the Start/Finish area.

Cell phone service is limited in the park.


Pacers are allowed for the 50 Mile race ONLY. Pacers may join their runner at the 24-mile point, in the Start/ Finish area ONLY. Pacers must check-in and get a bib in the Start/ Finish area.

* We want everyone to finish, so if you are in the 50k and desperately need a pacer, they must be pre-approved by the Race Directors. Shoot us an email.



Awesome finisher awards will be awarded to all finishers completing their race within the designated time limit, upon crossing the finish line.

Top 3 male and female finishers in each race will receive an equally awesome award, also upon crossing the finish line.


Results will be posted ASAP on our website at, and at


Timing will be true old-school. We will count laps as you come through the Start/ Finish area. It is each runner's responsibility to check-in with the volunteers and get your laps counted. There will be a "chute" set-up with volunteer lap counters waiting to record your number. Please, please, PLEASE remember to check-in and out every time you pass through the aid station!


We will have some sweet tech shirts to go along with finisher's awards this year.


We are all grown-ups. Please don’t force us to DQ you for littering! We love our trails and want to keep them beautiful. Use the many trash cans or give your trash to a volunteer. DO NOT throw it on the ground! If you litter, you will be mocked, and we will be forced to post your picture on-line with the caption “Litter-Bug”. There will be trash cans at the aid stations, as well as a short distance away so you can dispose of items you would like to walk with for a bit.


Thanks so much to all of our AMAZING volunteers! We absolutely could not put on such a wonderful event without them! They are the best around!

Treat them with respect or be DQ’d!

Local time: 2:17 PM


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