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Welcome to the "Bay Area Ridge Trail Series" benefiting The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. In 2017 we raised $4,000 from your participation in the series. We hope to double that this year.

For 2018, we have added a new event called Mt Umunhum Trail Run on February 24th, 2018. This is the place to sign-up for all 5 races for one price of $375.00.That's $55 per race no matter which series you select along with the $105 Victory Trail Running Drop Bag. If you already registered for Mt Umunhum and would like to enter the other 4 events, then please email me and I will subtract your entry fee (less Ultrasignup fees) from $375 and send you a code to finish registering for the other 4 events.

You will notice the predetermined distances in the pass names. You will also notice the price for the pass is the same no matter what distance or pass you choose. You will be able to upgrade or downgrade at anytime with no fee.

If you have already signed up for Mt Umunhum, and would like to sign up for the 5-race series pass, then please email Race Director for a Code to register for the other 4 events.

Race Director, Greg Lanctot:

A 4-Race Series Pass will be offered after 2/25/18. These series passes will look similar to the ones below for the final 4 events.

There are 100 SERIES PASSES available. Each person to sign up with the SERIES PASS will receive a Victory Sportdesign "Bear 3" Trail Running Drop Bag with the 2018 Bay Area Ridge Trail Series logo. You also will have an opportunity to get a unique finishers award (see photo above) shall you complete all four or five events. However, you will not be eligible for the series award if you didn't personally complete or volunteer at all events.

We will also have a special award for completing three races in the series shall you no be able to volunteer or cannot make the fourth or 5th event. "Wow that's nice of you, PCTR!" This will only apply to those that purchase the "Bay Area Ridge Trail Series Pass". Therefore, if you do not signup for the series pass, and participate in three events, you will not receive a finishers award for three events.

1. Signup for the series pass.
2. Receive the most owned "drop bag" in the world by local designer and ultra runner, Victor Ballesteros.
3. Complete or volunteer at 3, 4 or 5 of the events.
3. Receive a series award. (To Be Designed by Elevation Culture)

The Victory Bag is yours regardless. One price, five events or four events, any distance.

Anyone who has entered any one of the five events and would like to upgrade to the SERIES PASS can also enter the 4 race series pass to total 5 races. If you entered two individually, then email RACE DIRECTOR, GREG LANCTOT at for a special code to enter the remaining events.

If this is too confusing for you, then please email Greg above. I know there will be one person. :-)

Become a Member of the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Did you know that you can become a member, donate, and get involved with the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Click on this link to join or renew your membership:
Become a member here!

Series Pass Offerings:

- All of the Series Passes are the same price.
- Shall you want to upgrade or down grade, you will not receive or be charged a fee.
- There are no transfers. And, please be ware of the "PCTR Race Credit Policy for this series" below.
- If you are choosing the 4-race series, then we will contact you after registering to place you in the specific events.
- After Mt Umunhum we will list series similar to 5-Race Series.

Special awards for each male and female winner of each category of the series pass for lowest total time after all 5 events. And special awards for each male and female of each category series pass for lowest total time for the last 4 events (The Ridge, Mt Madonna, Saratoga, and Woodside.

5-Race Ultra Series Pass:
2/24/18 Mt Umunhum 52K

4-Race Ultra Series Pass:
8/4/18 The Ridge 60K
8/18/18 Mt Madonna 50K
10/20/18 Saratoga 60K
11/3/18 Woodside 50K

5-Race Sub Ultra Series Pass
2/24/18 Mt Umunhum 34K

4-Race Ultra Series Pass:
8/4/18 The Ridge 37K
8/18/18 Mt Madonna 25K
10/20/18 Saratoga 30K
11/3/18 Woodside 35K

5-Race Long Distance Series Pass
2/24/18 Mt Umunhum 22K

4-Race Long Distance Series Pass:
8/4/18 The Ridge 23K
8/18/18 Mt Madonna 17K
10/20/18 Saratoga 21K
11/3/18 Woodside 17K

5-Race Speedster Series Pass
2/24/18 Mt Umunhum 12K

4-Race Speedster Series Pass
8/4/18 The Ridge 23K
8/18/18 Mt Madonna 8K
10/20/18 Saratoga 10K
11/3/18 Woodside 10K

5-Race Elevate Series Pass
2/24/18 Mt Umunhum 12K

4-Race Elevate Series Pass
8/4/18 The Ridge 23K
8/18/18 Mt Madonna 25K
10/20/18 Saratoga 30K
11/3/18 Woodside 50K

After Mt Umunhum on 2/24/18, the 4-Race series will be offered similarly to the 5-Race series in that the distances will be similar.

02/24/2017– Mt Umunhum (52K/34K/22K/12K)
08/04/2017 – The Ridge (60K/37K/23K)
08/18/18/2018 -- Mt. Madonna (50K/25K/17K/8K)
10/20/2018 -- Saratoga (50K/30K/21K/10K)
11/03/2018 -- Woodside (50K/35K/17K/10K)

"The Bear 3" by Victory Sportdesign

With you purchase of the series pass, you will get an custom logo embroidered "Bear 3" VICTORY SPORTDESIGN.

Retail: $105.00
Ideal for sporting events, as well as every-day gear & lifestyle bags, where ultra-organized storage is a necessity to help you get in, get out, get moving!
Designer: Victor Ballesteros



Volunteers and our amazing PCTR team are what make our trail running events thrive. We pride ourselves in how much we respect and reward our volunteers. Love those 'Go run a trail" shirts? Well, volunteering is the only way to get those. We also like to feed you with our amazing post race BBQ. We also sometimes order other swag like trucker hats or beanies for volunteers depending on the event.

Shall you like to volunteer for one of our events, then please email Greg at RunPCTR@gmailcom.

If you bring a friend or family member and they don't enter events, you earn their credits.
Earn $10 in Race Credits for every hour worked. (4hrs = $40)
Round 1/2 hours up. (5.5hrs = $60)
Earn 2X Credits for bad weather volunteering.
Earn 2X Credits for volunteering for night shifts after 8pm and before 6am.
Volunteer 8+ hour shift and earn $40 bonus credits for event.
Receive the coveted PCTR "Go Run a Trail!" shirt and more.

If you are unable to participate in the event you paid for and miss the 45 or 14 day window because you are unable to run due to injury or under training, and volunteer at the intended event or another event within 30 days of your event, then we will apply 100% race credit for a future PCTR event. You will also receive additional race credits for the hours you volunteered.

Entry fees associated with Pacific Coast Trail Run Events are non-refundable and non-transferable. The amount of time and expense that goes into a PCTR event is high. Contracts, permit fees, awards, shirts, and all things associated with your event happen a long time before your race day. Surely, if many of you wanted a refund because you got injured, become sick, or have to attend a family function, then all trail running companies would be out of business. We also do not transfer entries for numerous reasons. We do, and will provide race credits for a future PCTR event (less registration fees) shall something come up that prevents you from attending the event you paid for.

For 100% race credit towards another PCTR event, you must notify us 45 days before your event. For 50% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 14 days before your event. For 25% race credit, you must notify PCTR prior to 72 hours remaining before your event. Your race credits will be valid for one year from the time you earned them.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Series Pass Policy: All events are valued at $55 no matter which distance you select. Therefore if you want to request race credits for any of the events, then the percentage will be applied to the $55 amount shall you decide you cannot participate in a particular event.

Clean Sport Pledge

Clean Sport Pledge:
We pledge to support clean sport by inviting to athletes to compete at our events who are committed to training, racing and living clean and not inviting athletes to compete who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We are in favor of random drug testing, especially when there is prize money offered at the event. Our organization also chooses to not work with coaches and agents that have athletes that are currently working with athletes that have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. We understand we have a responsibility to protect a level playing field and we will be role models in the community as ambassadors and advocates for clean sport. We pledge to honor clean sport by inviting and supporting clean athletes at our races.

Local time: 6:08 PM

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