Saturday, Sep 30, 2017
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Course description

Come test your hill skills on this new 5K & 10K route as you traverse the steep hills in this St. Clair County, Alabama wilderness setting!
This course is not for the beginner!!! Even though there are several flat and level sections, the hilly terrain makes up for a very treacherous beginning, middle and ending of the race.
For a preview of the race course, see the attached video.

Start Times

10k - 8:00 am
5k - 8:30am
Fun Run – Between 9:00 - 9:30 a.m. (To allow parents to run with their children, we will start around 9.)

About Majestic Outdoors

Majestic Outdoors is a 501c(3) Christian organization that focuses on teaching young people to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through is awesome creation, The Great Outdoors. The organization focuses on teaching hunting, land stewardship to the youth while helping the youth to see God in his creations. In order to provide a safe place for numerous young people to have an opportunity to experience the outdoors, we have to provide the land, food plots with shooting houses and safe roads for them to use. Our largest expense is the leasing of land, however building shooting houses and keeping the roads safe are our highest priority. While everything we do is free for these young people, it does incur a cost. This race will help cover some of that cost. All proceeds of the run will go to supporting the Majestic Outdoors mission.

Local time: 12:53 PM
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