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VALENCIA Trail Race Welcomes Trail Runners

Southern California features a diverse range of nature and terrain, giving runners a wide variety of spectacular trails and running experiences. Located north of Los Angeles up against the California State park boundaries is Valencia, a suburban community that is surrounded by classic hills and mountains featuring awesome trails that must be experienced by runners who appreciate nature and a good trail.

The VALENCIA Trail Race brings you one of Southern California's best trail race experiences, choose from a 10 kilometer, half marathon, or 50k ultra distance. Experience a challenging trail course that takes you up to the peaks and along the ridgelines with panoramic views, then into the canyons through the hills of Valencia for a truly awesome trail challenge!

Discover the trails and hills of Valencia California

Single track trails that will take you up to the peaks, on the ridgelines and down into the canyons across the Valencia hills.

This race will be a challenge! The course has multiple hills that you will climb up and descend down as it pushes your body to the max!

At the peaks and on the ridgelines experience breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Spring season brings lush green rolling hills peppered with vibrant local wild flowers along the trails making for a beautiful experience.


  • 25 Hills to Climb*
  • 70% Single Track
  • 30% Mountain Road
  • 100% Awesome Run
*25 hills on 50K Ultramarathon course, 15 hills on Half Marathon course, 8 hills on 10K course.

10K Metrics
  • Total Elevation Climb/Descent: 1940 ft
  • Highest Point: 1380 ft
  • Lowest Point: 1876 ft
  • Cut off time: 4-hours
Half Marathon Metrics
  • Total Elevation Climb/Descent: 3858 ft
  • Highest Point: 1380 ft
  • Lowest Point: 1968 ft
  • Cut off time: 8-hours
50K Ultra Metrics
  • Total Elevation Climb/Descent: 9213 ft
  • Highest Point: 1335 ft
  • Lowest Point: 2216 ft
  • Cut off time: 12-hours
Learn more at, prepare to take the Awesome Trail Challenge and run the VALENCIA Trail Race!