Saturday, Apr 14, 2018

Weiser River 50k Ultra & Relay

Depot Street

Midvale, ID 50K, 50K 5Per Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 14, 2018

Cancelled Event


After a lot of thought and consideration the Weiser River 50k Relay & Ultra has been cancelled this year. We were hoping to postpone into June with mid June being the latest we could feasibly hold it. In our current situation, with large groups still being discouraged and the small towns that are involved with this race, it just doesn't make that a plausible option this year. While this is disappointing, we feel it is the right thing to do in todays current environment. We want to support and encourage social distancing to keep us all safe so we can return back to more of a normal life as soon as possible.

What do you need to do from here?

Here are your options:

1- Let me know if you would like to roll your registration to next year for full credit.

2- You can consider your registration a donation to the Friends of the Weiser River (a little more about them and why we put on this race:

3- You can receive a partial refund of 70% of your registration; We are unable to offer a full refund as some things have already been purchased permitting, insurance, etc.

Please let me know what you would like to do by May 1st and we hope to see you on the Weiser River Trail next April!

If you have any questions please contact me and I'll do my best to answer them!


**In light of the current nationwide situation we are following guidelines issued by the CDC and will be postponing the Weiser River 50k relay & Ultra until further notice. I have struggled with this as I hold the Weiser River Trail and the board members dear to my heart as well as all of you that run! Please keep an eye on the event page and our FB page for updates. Thank you for understanding as we all must band together during this situation, as always reach out to me with questions or concerns and I will do my best to answer/resolve them. Hoping this all resolves soon and we can get on with our events!!**

The course is 50-kilometers point to point (31.07 miles) from Midvale to Council, Idaho along the scenic Weiser River Trail. The trail is a railroad bed that has been converted to a National Recreation Trail. The trail surface consists of stony railroad ballast, dirt, and some paved crossings as you come into towns. The trail runs alongside the Weiser River, through canyons and across open farmland. There is very little elevation change on the course. The course is ideal for this early season event and excellent for runners of any ability – beginners to veterans. In addition to the solo 50K, we also have a 50K relay. So no excuses not to run it! The Relay is open to teams of runners from 2-5 people.

Runner Classifications

We are limiting our entries to 50 teams (up to 5 runners) and unlimited solos this year. We will have the following classes:

Ultra (minimum age 18)

-Men (18-54)
-Women (18-54)
-Seniors (any gender age 55 and over)


-Open (any gender and age mix)


Team substitutions may be made up to race morning. All entrants must read and sign waiver/entry form.

Each relay team is responsible for providing a volunteer!


There are no cancellation refunds, however a team may transfer people up until race day. Ultrarunners may roll their entry to the next year OR transfer.

Aid Station/Exchange Points

Leg 1- Midvale to Shoepeg 4.1 ( distance may change based on finish routing)

Leg 2- Shoepeg to Cambridge 5.0

Leg 3- Cambridge to Goodrich 9.1

Leg 4- Goodrich to Mesa Siding 6.9

Leg 5- Mesa siding to Council 6.1 (distance may change based on routing)

Team Race Rules

The team relay race starts in waves (determined by your estimated completion times) from the start in Midvale at 8:45 a.m. Saturday, April 25th. The route consists of 5 legs, varying from 4.1 miles to 9.1 miles in length between designated runner exchange points. Race officials will assist at exchange points and road intersections.

There is no baton; team members must touch hands at the exchanges in between the marked white lines. Each team member must run at least one leg, and finish the leg he or she started. No substitutions within a leg are allowed. Substitutions will disqualify the team! In the event of injury preventing a runner from finishing his designated leg another team member may complete that leg BUT the retiring team member cannot run again during the race. Only one such substitution per team is permissible and must be reported to the race officials. Teams will determine among themselves which leg (or legs) members will run. Individuals running more than one leg can do so in any sequence; e.g. two or more legs in a row, or one leg at the start of the race and a second leg near the end, or your choice! Runners must exchange only at the designated exchange points!

In order to ensure teams receive a correct finish time, only the member of the team running the last leg should cross the finish line on the course. Other team members may run to the right or left of the finish chute, but must be clearly off the course.


There will be a shuttle leaving from Council @ 6:00 am to Midvale on Saturday morning for those needing it. This is for SOLO runners only- Relay teams should be providing their own transportation! There will be no shuttle from the finish back to the start following the event.

Lodging/places to stay

Trailhead Hostel: This sweet little hostel is quiet and comfortable! It's my favorite place to stay on race weekend!

Camping: Weiser River Trail RV Park, Why not stay at the finish line?! You can get a little extra sleep before getting on the bus! Plenty of room for tents and RV's.

Mundo Hot Springs they like to cater to trail users!

Hotels: Hartland Inn & Motel, 211 N Norris Ave Highway 95 N New Meadows ID 83654 1-866-599-6674;
Meadows Valley Motel,

Local time: 5:00 AM


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