Saturday, Oct 6, 2018

The Hennepin Hundred

Sinnissippi Park Road

Sterling, IL 100M Relay, 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 6, 2018

Hennepin 2019 Video


100 mile finishers receive
-rabbit finisher flannel
-belt buckle
-1st time 100 mile runners earn an "Ultra Virgin No more" cherry pop shirt
-2022 race shirt
-race bag & various small gifts

Qualify for the "Run my Ass off belt buckle"

50 mile finishers receive
-2022 race shirt
-finisher medal
-1st time 50 mile runners earn an "Ultra Virgin No more" cherry pop shirt
-race bag & various small gifts

Qualify for the "Run my Ass off belt buckle"

50k finishers receive
-2022 race shirt
-finisher medal
-1st time 50k runners earn an "Ultra Virgin No more" cherry pop shirt
-race bag & various small giftsQualify for the "Run my Ass off belt buckle"

Beautifully design 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall Male and Female in all distances
Artistic Age group awards. 10 year Age group spans

Race day photography by Jenny Thorsen, photos are free to download for social media
Fully stocked aid stations and well cared for volunteers

100 mile runners get a BUCKLE and Hennepin Finisher Flannel!

See pictures and learn more on our website
We will do our best to run the race as close to "normal" as possible. We may need to make course or other changes to be within COVID-19 restrictions.


Our race cut off time is 30 hours. To have Hennepin Hundred be a Western States qualifying race you need to finish our event in that time frame.

We have listed the times of runners that were over the cut off. These runners did not earn a Western States qualifier.


We use the email address that you registered under for all our important correspondences. If you want to get updates, rollover invites, special instructions from us you need to make sure we do not get marked as spam. We also keep our website updated on correspondences on the front page.

Flat & Fast

The Hennepin Hundred is Illinois’ only point-to-point, all-trail ultramarathon, a true Illinois adventure from Sterling, Illinois on the Rock River to Colona, Illinois near the mighty Mississippi, along the historic and beautiful Hennepin Canal.

Flat and fast, the 50- and 100-mile courses follow the 104-mile Hennepin Canal State Trail, Illinois’ longest multi-use trail, across historic locks and lift bridges, past the autumn corn, picturesque farms and postcard towns of northwest Illinois. It's a perfect course for a PR run, a first 50 or 100, or for chasing a world's fastest time!

Find race information, fantastic photos, hotel info and more at

The Mule 50k- night time run

Starts at aid station 7/15.
5 pm start

See website for full details

Aid Stations and course

Aid stations every 3-7 miles.

Please check out for a list of aid stations

Morning Bus ride to start line

100 mile runners Colona Fire Department: bus leaves at 5:10 am sharp

50 mile runners Lock 17:bus leaves at 5:10 am sharp

Bus service is $10.00

Testimonial from Kyle Siefers, first-time 100 finisher in 19:33:28

"Thank you so much for running an excellent race. It was my first 100-mile run and I couldn’t have asked for a better event. All of you truly did a fantastic job and I am so impressed by how hard everyone worked. I saw Michele several times during the race and was constantly wondering if she was just everywhere. I have helped run a triathlon before but nothing of this caliber, so I cannot imagine the stress and commitment it took. Everyone is impressed by the runners, how they are staying up through the night to complete the race, but I know that the race directors were probably up for 72 hours straight. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

I would also like to thank all of the volunteers. They were amazing, all of them. I loved so many of the stops. Aid 2 had Jello shots, which was awesome (I saw that aid 8/13 had Jack, but I couldn’t bring myself to swallow that at that point in the race). Aid 6 had a great theme going on and made me laugh when they scared me coming out of the tunnel. A special shout-out to Aid 16, who was all alone in the dark but was super friendly and helpful. He was a sight for sore eyes at that point. The fire chief at Aid 20 was just incredible, he had that trial light up like it was the fourth of July and we were thankful for all his awesome helicopter landing lights. There are many others that I would like to mention but will spare you a longer letter. Thank you so much to everyone that helped out. It was a great event and I will be recommending it to other ultra-friends for coming years!
I am donating a small amount to the Trails for Illinois organization as a small thank you gift. Hopefully it helps maintain the Hennepin Canal Trail!

Kyle Siefers"

Read website for full deferral instructions

We take pride in working hard to keep our race prices down. In an effort to keep our cost low, we have come up with this policy.

2022 Rollover & Refund policy

Choose by March 1st- Rollover to 2023 or refund minus $25.00

Choose by July 1st- Rollover to 2023 or refund minus $35.00 as long as there is a waitlist

Choose by September 1st- 50% refund or a rollover with 8 hours of volunteering at race

No refunds or rollovers after September 1st
If you signed up as a rollover, you can not rollover/refund again.

You can transfer your bib to a friend until August 30th. This is done on your ultrasignup account.

Local time: 1:26 AM


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