Saturday, Aug 11, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

Silverton Ultra Marathon

1219 Greene Street

Silverton, CO 100K, 55K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 11, 2018

San Juan Mountain Adventure - 100K

Soul Candy! Mountain ultra-running at it’s best. The Silverton Ultra Marathon will challenge you, push your limits, tease your senses as you journey along this AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR 100K course. Starting and finishing at the same location as the Famed Hardrock 100 and running 11 miles of the Hardrock course up to Putnam Aid Station and down Bear Creek into Silverton. 97.3% single-track trails in a single loop course, the SUM is a remote mountain, ultra running race with 16,993 ft of climbing.
Start your morning off right, with the sounds of the Animas River at your side as the morning twilight tickles the cascading water while you run along the famous historic Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in the narrow, deep Animas River Gorge. Enjoy this breath-taking stroll because it won’t last for long! Breath-taking will take on a whole new meaning as you climb 2000 feet and enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the San Juans. Towering peaks, brilliant aspen leaves dancing in the breeze and the fading Animas River as it cuts through the canyon below that you just climbed out of!!! Your heart and lungs will be tested to the limit as you run miles and miles above 11,000ft. Experience 23 miles along one of the most spectacular sections of the Colorado Trail. This course will take you from endless majestic, rugged mountain peak to deep old growth forests, across crystal clear streams with waterfalls and through colorful wild flower meadows.

Silverton Ultra Marathon 55K

Experience half of the amazing Silverton Ultra Marathon course and finish with plenty of time to cheer on the 100K racers! Start at the famous start of the Hardrock 100 and run 11 miles of the Hardrock course as it goes up to the Putnam Aid Station and down Bear Creek. The 55K is a shortened version of the 100K. It is 97.3 % single-track in a single loop with 9,930 ft of climbing. It will be one of the hardest 55K you will run, but the spectacular single track trails and San Juan magic is so worth it. Take on this challenge. You will be glad you did.

Local time: 1:34 AM


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