Saturday, Aug 11, 2018

Elephant Rock Trail Run

2083 Mueller Park Rd., Bountiful, UT 84010

Bountiful, UT 26.8 Miler, 13.8 Miler, 7 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 11, 2018

50K Course Update

*** All the other courses (7, 13.8 & 26.8-miler) remain the same.

The proposed 50k course change is to eliminate the section from Mill Creek to Kenny Creek from the course. By doing that, the only option to reconnect the course back to Mueller Park will be to run an out and back on the first section (total 18 miles, 9 miles/section), and then finish the course with the 13.8-miler trail at Mueller Park.
Overall, the trails in the first section of the 50k course are ready for the event, with a few snow spots here and there at the Great Western, but the snow will be gone in the next 2 weeks. By the way, trails are drying out quickly. The second section, at Mueller Park, trails are pristine.
The only concerning section that lead us to make this course change decision is the one from Mill Creek to Kenney Creek (miles 11-17), the final segment connecting the first section to Mueller Park.
Although, the snow is not an issue on those trails now, the contribution of the snow and spring rain we got, made trails vegetation to outgrow.
Additionally, since that section is not maintained by the Forest Service, trails have become unrecognizable. The vegetation outgrew chest high and it is a jungle like. There are still many fallen trees on that section, in particular. There would be a lot of bushwhacking needed during the event (something unexpected in a race, unless you’re doing The Barkley Marathons), and honestly speaking, that’s how you would feel by going through Mill Creek and Kenney Creek.
You will still have the epic experience in running on the Great Western, a section of the Wastach100, near Sessions Mountains with amazing views and run at Mueller Park, and with good elevation gain throughout the entire course.
We are continuing to work with the Forest Service to provide the safest racing experience for everyone involved.

The Original Elephant Rock Trail Run Races

Welcome to Utah’s newest 50k and trail races!!!

The challenging and popular Elephant Rock consists now of four races: the 7-miler, the 13.8-miler, the 26.8-miler and the 50K. Come join us for the 3rd annual run in the beautiful, scenic, Mueller Park in Bountiful, Utah.

The Utah’s newly 50k “challenging” course offers views of untamed terrain from single track and fire roads starting at the Holbrook Canyon trailhead and weaving through The Great Western, Sessions Mountains, Mill Creek, Kenney Creek and Mueller Park.

We have a very strict cut off time of 12 hours imposed upon us by the park for the 50k. This is one of the main reasons this race is extremely difficult for first time 50kers. We highly encourage those undertaking this challenge to have already run at least a 26.8-miler trail before attempting this course. Everyone else will have 8 hours to complete all three distances (7-miler, 13.8-miler and the 26.8-miler). If anyone does not finish within the cutoff times, they will receive a finishers award but will not have an official time recorded.

Photo Credit to Matt Jensen. Subject: R. Hutchings and his Mom, 11 yrs old finisher of Elephant Rock 26.8-miler. He is also a finisher of Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run.

Elephant Rock Trail Run

The Elephant Rock Trail Run is a challenging trail race through an area that is truly a hidden gem in the Wasatch Mountains. This trail winds across and up the mountain keeping the elevation gain manageable (about 3,045 +/- ft over the entire course). However, to make things even more fun- and we mean crazy fun- we added 800 ft. of vertical climb in less than half a mile near the beginning of the race! It’s what we call “Elephant Ridge” which leads to another 0.5 miles of extremely rocky, technical steep descent down “The Chute” with lots of gravel that will challenge even the elite runners to not fall..
This race is also ideal for road runners who would like to have a glimpse of what it is like to run trails. You will love this so much that you will totally be converted to trail running :) Check out a video showing the course below:

Course Preview Video

Course Description

** Please, review 50k Course Update information

The Elephant Rock 50k is one gnarly, stunning point to point course connecting Holbrook Canyon Trail, The Great Western, Sessions Pass, Mill Creek, Kenney Creek, Mueller Park Trailhead, Cave Peak, Rudy’s Flat, and Elephant Rock. This course is not for first time 50kers without having already run at least a 26.8-miler trail, either an official race or self-supported. This course is tough. About 9,129’ of climb. Additionally, due to access, there will only be 2 limited aid stations for the first 17.2 miles, which includes the Start at Holbrook Canyon trailhead. You will have to carry at least a 2 liters of water while climbing. Think graduate level mountain run.

The remaining courses of Elephant Rock is a moderately challenging trail race at Elephant Ridge and The Chute sections, but then it turns into one of the most scenic loop courses (13.8 miler), a loop and reverse loop (26.8 miler), or a run to Elephant Rock (7 miler) through the Wasatch Mountains above Bountiful, Utah. The trail will be well marked. It consists of dirt trails (80%), dirt roads (19%), and paved ground at the start/finish line (1%).

There is over 3,045 +/- ft. of elevation gain and loss, with 1 major climb of 800 ft and 1 major descent. The climb starts at mile 1.6 (“Elephant Ridge”), and the major descent (“The Chute”), right after summiting Cave Peak. The climb heading towards Rudy’s Flat is very light with rolling hills, and then the rest of the way to the finish line is a fairly gentle mostly downhill slope.

RACE TIME: 6:00 am (Cut-off time for all races, is 2 pm and no exceptions, except for the 50k. The 50k will start at 5:30 am. The cut-off time is 6 pm and no exceptions)
*** All participants will receive an Event Instruction email 3 weeks prior to race date. We will send it via the email you use during your registration.

USATF Sanctioned Event

The Elephant Rock Trail Run is sanctioned by USA Track & Field.
USATF website:


Local time: 8:21 AM


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