Saturday, Sep 15, 2018

Old Cascadia

Lava Lake Sno Park - Willamette National Forest

Blue River , OR 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 20 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 15, 2018

Welcome to Old Cascadia. These majestic trail races will take you to some of the oldest summits in Oregon for an unforgettable race experience. The Cascade Mountain Range is really two ranges in one. The familiar High Cascades are a young range of soaring, snow-capped active volcanoes, that include peaks like Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood - which can be seen from the course. However, the High Cascades owe their elevation to the westerly Old Cascades, the ancient, deeply eroded mountains that formed the foundation of the high peaks tens of millions of years prior. The extinct volcanoes of the Old Cascades are renown for their lush rainforests, brilliant meadows and prolific wildlife. Each race offers running through such landscapes along with sweeping views, creek crossings and big climbs all the while running on some of the best single-track trails Oregon has to offer. 

The 100 mile will do the 50 mile course twice. It will consist of 13 fully stocked aid stations with 25000ft of gain and 25000ft of loss with 92% single-track, 3% two-track, 3% paved road and 2% dirt road. This is arguably the most scenic 100mile race course in Oregon. 100M runners will have a 6 hour trail work requirement.

The 50 mile is a lollipop-style course. You will start off tagging the summit of Crescent Mountain that has amazing views from north to south. You will then do a massive 50K loop before another climb up Crescent Mountain and then a final buttery downhill to the finish. Consists of 93% single track, 3% two-track, 2% paved road and 2% dirt road with 6 fully stocked aid stations. Total elevation gain is 12500ft and 12500ft of loss.

The 20mile will consist of the last 20miles of the 50M/100M courses. It has 92.5% single track trails, 5% paved road and 2.5% dirt road. Total elevation gain is 5200ft with 5200ft of descent with 2 fully stocked aid stations. The views are unmatched on this shorter race - with epic climbs and descents.

​The 100mile is worth 6 points towards UTMB. The 50mile is worth 4 points.

Local time: 5:22 PM


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