Sunday, May 6, 2018

The DURT 50k

Upper Blacks Creek Road

Boise, ID 50K, 20 Miler, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. May 6, 2018

2021 Event

With COVID-19 still being a problem the 2021 DURT will remain a virtual event. You can run the course for your distance any time in the month of May to be a finisher and receive race swag and finisher item. Like last year there will be a supported run on the course for Saturday May 1st, water and other kinds of aid station items (soda, chips, cookies and such) will be at the aid station locations.
If you are not able to run on the actual race course that is fine, run your distance wherever you can.
The Warriors Keep will be the veterans charity that we will be supporting again this year. Last year $800 dollars was donated by the DURT, thank you to all who participated in last years event.

DURT (Danskin Ultra Run Trail)

Come run a beautiful and challenging trail race on the Danskin Mountains OHV trail system. All distances are on a mix of single and dual track trails, with fantastic views and loads of wildflowers. This is going to be more of an old school type of race where the course is not marked every 100 feet with aid stations every couple of miles. The course will be marked at every intersection and there will be aid stations, you might just need more than a single handheld bottle to get between them.

50k Start 7:00 am
20 mile start 8:00 am
10 mile start 8:30 am

Packet pickup will start 30 minutes before the start of each distance and there will be a short briefing before the start of each distance.


The 50k will be a combination of the 10 mile and then 20 mile loop. There is 5000+ feet of elevation gain and many creek crossings. There will be 3 aid stations and a possible water drop depending on temps, see below for info. Poles are not required but highly recommended for the 20 mile loop, there is a 1200 foot climb in about 1.5 miles.

50k Course maps

20 Miler

This is a twentyish mile loop with 2 out and back sections. There will be one aid station at about mile 12, drop bags and crew at this aid station. Poles are not required but highly recommended for this loop, there is a 1200 foot climb in about 1.5 miles that has some very steep sections. Don’t bother trying to keep your feet dry on this loop, there are many creek crossings some knee deep, but not fast flowing water.

Maps for the 20 mile course.

10 Miler

This is a tenish mile loop, with 2000+ feet of climbing 3/4 of that is in the first 3 miles. With the steepness of some of the climbs, trekking poles would not be a bad idea. This loop does not have any water crossings, but it does have fantastic views. There will be one aid station at mile 4.2, no drop bag but crew allowed.



Races do not happen without volunteers, from working aid stations to sweeping the course people are needed. If you volunteer you not only are going to get the great feeling of helping out others, you will receive a discount on the entry fee for a future race.

Rules and other stuff

This race will continue to support a Veterans cause as it has been.
Veterans and active military can get a discount on signup, please be honest when selecting the signup.
Parking is limited so carpooling is recommended.
No littering on the course all trash must be disposed of at the aid stations, littering on the trails can get you disqualified.
To cut down on trash, this is a cupless, platelss, forkless and anything else race, bring your own reusable items.
There will be no pacers allowed, you can have support crew at the 3 aid station locations.
You must be able to carry enough water to be able to run the distance between aid stations. There is not much in the way of shade on the course but there are lots of creeks to cool off in.
Post race food will be potluck style, bring something to share with everyone and hang out for awhile after you finish.
No dogs allowed with runners.
Age restrictions, runners under the age of 18 will need to be approved by the RD before signing up.
Signup by May 2nd to guarantee race swag.

Refunds will not be given, your entry fee will be used to cover costs and passed onto the charity. Consider carefully before signing up. Not ever under any circumstances will refunds be issued in the case of last minute race cancellation due to extreme weather or other Acts of Nature out of our control. I know this might seem harsh but the money is already spent.
Transfers: We don’t have any other races you can transfer your fee to. Sorry.

You can change race distances through the close of online registration; after that, change distances early on race morning. You will not be refunded the difference of a higher price. You are welcome to increase in distance before the race start by paying the difference with a check and letting the RD know.
You will not be able to change race distance during the event, once you start a distance you either finish or DNF.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will have the usual type of things, salty and sweet stuff, water, and Skratch Labs hydration and energy chews .

Aid Station Mile Drop bag Crew Bathroom Cutoff
Three Point 4.3 (10m, 50k) No Yes Yes None
Bender Creek 10.1 (10m, 50k) Yes Yes Yes None
Willow Creek 12.8 (20m) 22.8 (50k) Yes Yes Yes 3:00 pm
Finish Yes 6:00 pm

Local time: 5:48 PM


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