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Join us in August 2024 for the 8th annual Angry Owl Ultramarathons!

Returning Runners: Welcome back. No crucial details have changed from the last few years. If you've joined us before, then you know what to expect.

First Timers: Welcome! Angry Owl is a fun little race that my wife and I dreamt up and brought to our hometown of Salem, Oregon. It's a low-key, no-frills timed run where we get to focus on getting to know runners and supporting them however we can a mile at a time. Some folks target our race to reach new distances, some use the event as a well-supported training run, and others just come for the party. Whatever your motivation, we encourage you to be prepared to run far, have fun, and leave the course with some new friends.

Most of the details are below. Our website has the complete info. You can always shoot me an email if you have any questions that you aren't finding answers to.


WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, August 10-11, 2024
Check-In 8:00-8:30AM - Check In for all runners starting at 9:00AM
8:45AM - 7ish minute briefing by the check in tent
9:00AM - 24-Hour Run begins, 12-Hour Run group 1* begins, 6-Hour Run group 1* begins (one mass start.)
4:00PM - 6 Hour Run group 2* begins
9:00PM - 12 Hour Run group 2* begins

9:00AM Sunday, August 11 - All events conclude

*Runners will select which group they wish to start in the week prior to the race. We understand that a lot can change between registration and race day.

WHERE: Bush's Pasture Park, Salem, Oregon.
We will be on the southeast end of the park by the Phillips Softball Field off of Leffelle St SE and Yew St SE.
This address will get you to the parking lot: 1050 Leffelle St SE, Salem, OR 97302.

COURSE: The loop is about a mile long (it's 33 feet longer than a mile, or 1.00625 miles) and has a combination of hard packed dirt, well-maintained non-technical trail, grass, packed gravel, and a bit of asphalt.

Timed runners will be repeating this loop as many times as you're able to in your chosen amount of time.

TIMING: Race will be chipped timed by the expert timers at Race Northwest.

AID STATION: We will have a single aid station near the Start/Finish area stocked with water, electrolyte drink, fruits, salty snacks, sweet snacks, and some other goodies. You are welcome to leave some of your own foods near the finish line for easy access as you're running. Please bring your own bottle(s) and/or cup(s). They can be kept at the aid station if you'd like.

RUNNERS SETTING UP CAMP: Our start/finish location is right next to a small parking lot, so your vehicle will be accessible during the race. Runners are welcome to bring their camp chairs and coolers to the event and set them up near the start/finish area as long as they are not impeding the runners or other park-goers. Do be aware that this is public park, and that event organizers and volunteers will not be watching your belongings or be liable for anything that is lost, broken, or stolen. Runners and crew may not camp at the park on Friday night before the race.

SPECTATORS: The park is open to the public during our event, and spectators are more than welcome to come out and support. Family and friends may join runners for a lap or two throughout the event, but please do not plan on running all day with your spectator.


CAPS: Each participant will receive a cap designed and made by Josh and Emily.

MEDALS: None will be available.

AWARDS: We'll aim to have some sort of goodies from Salem businesses for our top finishers.

Event's current local time: 5:52 AM PT


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