Saturday, Dec 1, 2018

Canyon Rumble Frozen Half

Madras, OR 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 1, 2018

Cancelled Event


About the event

The Canyon Rumble Frozen Half is a trail race through Willow Canyon in Madras, Oregon. Racers can choose to run the half marathon, 10k or 5k routes, which all follow the same course. Held the first Saturday in December, this race features a mix of paved, gravel and dirt trails, along with some challenging terrain. Prizes are awarded to first place finishers in each age bracket. All proceeds go to the MADras Runners Jack Watts Memorial Scholarship, aimed at supporting and encouraging running in our youth as they pursue a higher education.


This is an out and back course through Willow Canyon. The first half of the race will be a gradual downhill and the second half will be gradual uphill. What goes down must go up. The first mile will be through the west side of Madras, Oregon on paved road to the paved trail up the M hill. The climb up the M hill will be a short one but a good one (100 foot gail for .2 miles). Around 2mile you will hit the dirt trial into Willow Canyon. The trail in Willow Canyon will be a combination of single track and gravel road. There will be a few foot bridges to cross and some navigation over some tricky rocks. It is important to watch your footing on this course because there is several hazards typical to trail running. Due to the time of year at which the race is weather may also be a factor. So please be prepared for ice, snow, rain and mud. This race is not a road race. All runners are warned and responsible for their own safety. Our volunteers will leaving the course at 1 pm. That gives runners 3 hours to complete the race. Runners are welcome to continue after 1pm but please be advised that the course will be open to traffic.

Local time: 2:59 PM


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