Saturday, Mar 10, 2018
This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 10, 2018

Run for a Cause / Training is Never Stopped

Newly added minimal-support run is designed to be sensitive to the hazards of Covid-19.
Physically distanced Check-in/Start

Saturday, December 26, 2020

8:00 AM - 1/2 Marathon
8:00 AM - 10K

Park in Carbon Canyon Regional Park, far east lot next to the Chino Hills State Park ($5.00 Entry Fee).

- Each of these organized runs will have a limited number of participants at 15-20 runners
- All runs will be held on opened trails
- Each run will offer a finisher medal, Hydra Pouch, BibBoards, limited inventory of t-shirt first offer to new runner.
- When you finish your run you will collect your finisher medal and goody bag with prepackaged snacks, NO congregating in groups.
- Results will be loaded to Ultrasignup as the fun run, you can run as competitive as you want but not for podium.

- There will be ONLY one aid station at Rimcrest trail head on the Blue Gum Dr.
- For 10K runners can utilize it at about 3 Mile
- For Half-M runners can utilize it at about 10 Mile if you take reverse route of Telegraph -> 4-Corner -> (R) Bovinian Delight -> (R) South Ridge -> (R) Diemer -> (L)Telegraph

- This aid stations will be zero contact aid stations. Runners are not allowed under any circumstances to touch anything. When entering the minimal aid station, you must open your own pack or bottle, and the volunteer will pour water for you. There will be no food or cups, but water, Hammer gels, FIZZ tablets and maybe ice depend on weather. Ice will only be touched by the volunteer using a scooper. The aid stations will be minimal and follow all safety and sanitary rules.
- NO litter at anytime, bring your gel/tablets wrap with you

There will be no course marking, check the route maps on website
There maybe someone at 4-courner directing where to turn, and a sweep runner will be behind the last runner.
10K, Half-M GPX files will be provided for those need to upload the route on their watch

These runs are low key run, meant to be fun, running outside on trails is the best therapy for all stressors.
The fund raised will donate to Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association for after “Blue Ridge Fire” trail recovery.


Chino Hills Trail Series

Come join us, whatever your favorite distance. Whether you opt for the 10K, the half-marathon in Spring, the 30K or the 50K in Fall, you will find a beautiful, well-marked course with ample aid and lots of post-race fun.


The Chino Hills Spring Trail Series is a perfect way to take the first step into the exciting world of trail running. Join us and explore one of Orange County's premier natural open-space parks while you discover the trail runner in you. If you're already a seasoned trail runner, the Chino Hills Spring Trail Series is a great way to step up in distance and aim for your first trail marathon or 50K. The series kicks off with a 10k race, a standard road distance but with natural beauty all around. You'll see for yourself why trail running is one of the fastest growing sports. Trails offer so much more than asphalt and you're bound to be hooked. Later in the spring you'll be looking forward to tackling the 10 mile loop. Still want more? You only have to wait a few more weeks. The hilly 15 miler will take you deeper into the park. If that's not enough, just wait a bit and you'll get a chance to run 20 miles on these amazing trails. And that's perfect preparation for the trail marathon just a few weeks later. But the fun doesn't stop there. The series finale is a challenging 50K ultramarathon that will give ample opportunity to test your trail legs while enjoying the wildlife and native plants that abound in this beautiful park

Local time: 8:53 PM


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