March 30 - September 16, 2018
This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 16, 2018

Washington State Grand Slam

The Washington State Grand Slam consists of running the 1st 4 - 100 mile events in Washington State, Lumberjack Endurance 100 Mile Run, Badger Mountain Challenge 100 Mile Run, Cascade Crest Classic 100 Mile Run & Plain Endurance 100 Mile Run. (Sorry Pigtails is cancelled for 2020 & 2021) For the brave who are just a little more insane than the rest Pigtail Challenge, 100 Mile, 150 Mile or 200 Mile run can be added to the lineup, those cool people will be Washington State Grand Slam with Ham Finishers. The WS Grand Slam is not a running event, it consists of running a series of events. Participants must register for each of the 4 or 5 events, be accepted into the events, play by their rules and our rules of each event, prior to entering the WS Grand Slam. Participants running all 4 or 5 events must register for the WS Grand Slam by 3/26/2021. Please see our website for the rules of the WS Grand Slam!

Event Dates:

3/26-27/2021 - Badger Mountain Challenge 100 Mile Run

6/12-13/2021 - Lumberjack Endurance 100 Mile Run

8/28-29/2021 - Cascade Crest Classic 100 Mile Run

9/18-19/2021 - Plain Endurance 100 Mile Run

Event's current local time: 5:30 AM PT

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