Saturday, Jul 14, 2018

Bear Brook Trail Races

157 Deerfield Road

Allenstown, NH Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 14, 2018


A very fun trail "marathon" and half marathon at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire! The marathon is always more than a marathon and exact mileage is never shared, it can be anywhere from 27 miles to 30 miles. Be prepared and let us know what you got at the end of the race!
The half marathon is 13 miles and will stay that way.
We strive to be as earth friendly as possible. We do not have cups at the aid stations. Please be sure to bring your own refillable water bottles or bladders. We do not place flyers or give out swag bags full of advertisements. You will receive your bib number, meal coupon and deerfly patch at registration. If you purchased ad-ons such as shirts or cups you will receive those too at registration. We will have a fun finishers award for all finishers as well as prizes for the top guys and girls in each race. We also will have an incredible post race barbeque to help you refuel after your run. Please be prepared for hot weather and bring enough water with you. Some aid stations may take you a while to arrive at and we would prefer to not have any medical emergencies from not carrying water.
This is a TRAIL race, there are rocks, roots, sticks, animals, mud, deerflies, ticks, porcupine, bear, moose, squirrel, chipmunk, turkey, streams, mountain bikers, hikers, horses, horse poop, bobcat, trees, singletrack, double track, dirt roads, the most incredible aid station workers around, wacky race directors, great swag, prizes, finisher awards that are unique, post race barbeque included in entry, raffles, smiling runners, bloody knees and so much more!
If you have never run on trail you are welcome to try but please expect to get your shoes and yourself dirty. There are plenty of things to trip on. Runners attempting to run a marathon in all 50 states be prepared, this is not a road marathon and it is not easy!
You could get hurt, it will be hot out and you will need to be capable of taking care of yourself. Our aid stations will have basic first aid supplies as well as tons of great food and lots of fluids. Please do not swear at volunteers, you will be permanently banned from any future race and immediately disqualified from the race. These people are spending their precious time helping you. They will be battling deerflies, heat and possibly crappy weather while filling packs and feeding you. Without them races do not happen and I expect them to be treated with respect and kindness.
If we want to continue to hold this race we must not have litter on the course at any time. This is not a road race and there is not a sweeper to pick up trash. Respect the wilderness and the park rules. There is no alcohol consumption within the park. IF WE CATCH YOU LITTERING YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED AND BANNED FROM ANY RACE WE HOLD.
If you are interested in volunteering please email me.
Also if you are interested in being our race photographer please contact me.

Don't be afraid to email me with questions!

Course Information

This is a fun race that will take you on some of the best trails the park has to offer! Plan on coming up and over Catamount Hill twice! The half marathon will have on unmanned aid station and two fully stocked and staffed aid station where the marathon runners will have 6 aid stations to keep you smiling, hydrated and fueled all day! While the half marathon takes you along some beautiful rolling terrain the full marathon will offer more hills, more miles and more adventure!

Crews and Pacers

Dropping out:
Runners not able to complete the race due to physical or mental circumstances must check-in solo or aided to the nearest aid station, notify aid station volunteers, and turn in their bib number to aid station personnel. This policy is to ensure that all runners are accounted for during the race and is for the safety of all participants. Runners failing to notify race organizers or volunteers of a dropped status or who fail to turn in their bib numbers will be banned from future races.
Pacers will not be allowed.

Access to all aid stations will be by foot or bike. Crews are to provide assistance to runners only within 200 meters of an aid station. Catching runners outside of aid stations is strongly discouraged. Supplies present at aid stations are for the use and consumption of athletes only. THERE ARE NO CREWS ALLOWED AT THE HALL MOUNTAIN AID STATION. YOUR RUNNER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IF YOU GO THERE.

How to get there

157 Deerfield Road, Allenstown, NH Look for the snowmobile lot, we will have race day signs at entrance. If you come in from route 28 it will be on the right (if you see the toll booth you went too far) , if you come in from the other side of the park it will be on your left (past the toll booth). You are looking for a dirt driveway going into a large dirt lot.


There is no cutoff for the half marathon but there will be a 9 hour cutoff for the marathon. We will be enforcing a aid station cutoffs that will be determined and emailed to you in your pre-race email. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.

Where to stay

You can camp in the park, please book early to ensure a campsite. There are places to stay in Concord, NH which is about 20 minutes away from the race. Concord and Manchester are the closest major towns near the race start.

Refund Policy

It is our policy to offer a full refund (minus the fees charged by Ultrasignup) to a runner if they cancel their registration through Ultrasignup no later than 30 days prior to the date of the race. After 30 days, the fee is forfeited or the runner may request a deferment of the registration fee up to and no later than the following year.

Local time: 2:02 AM


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