Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

White Mountains 100

Fairbanks, AK 100 Miler Ski, 100 Miler Cycle, 100 Miler Foot

This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 24, 2019

Cancelled Event



The White Mountains 100 is open to 85 participants. The cost is $250. A lottery on November 16th will determine the roster and waitlist for the race. Entry forms for the lottery will be accepted between November 1 and November 15. Registration remains OPEN for the waitlist of the White Mountains 100.

If later you are selected from the waitlist to join the race... Please except or decline the invitation ASAP. If you accept, your credit card will be billed. If you decline, your spot will be given to the next available person.


Are you ready for an adventure in the remote beauty of interior Alaska? Come north to Fairbanks, Alaska for the 10th Annual White Mountains 100-mile ultra race. The race course cuts through the heart of the jagged limestone peaks that define the White Mountains National Recreation Area. This rugged wilderness will challenge racers with a variety of terrain and trail conditions, satisfying even the most experienced winter athlete. Steep climbs, bowel-clenching descents, sharp turns, areas of active overflow, glare ice, tree stumps, roots, and bare tussocks are all part of the White Mountains trail network. Sub-zero temperatures, strong winds, along with blowing and drifting snow may add to the excitement. Traverse this diverse landscape on skis, bike, or just your feet.

Local time: 2:29 PM


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