Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 @ 7:00 AM

OBX 200

36.394702, -75.830297

Corolla, NC 200 Miler Crewed, 200 Miler Solo

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 27, 2019

OBX 200 Description

27 April 2019, 0700 - 1 May 2019, 7:00pm

This will be a 4.5 day (108 hour) challenge, beginning on the beach in Corolla and ending at Emerald Isle.

The distance for the Outer Banks Ultra challenge will be 223 miles (minus 22 miles for the ferry) for a true 200 mile challenge.

You will begin with a 22 mile beach run, followed by the entire stretch of the Outer banks including Duck, Currituck, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Hatteras Island, and the experience of Ocracoke Island, in the middle of the night, dead tired. There will be nothing or no one around you for miles in any direction. You almost expect to see pirate ghosts at any moment. After that, you reach Cedar Island and a stretch of road that's picked up the nickname Dire Straits, a name that has remained uncontested by everyone who has run this stretch of road. Then, onward to the historic waterfront of Beaufort before making your way to Atlantic Beach, Pine Knolls Shore and finally Emerald Isle.

The OBX 200 challenge keeps you as close to the coast as is possible until you reach your final destination at Emerald Isle. Despite the complete lack of resources, harrowing traffic, and sleep deprivation one is likely to encounter on such an adventure, you will have the opportunity to experience the entire Outer Banks, ferry rides, Ocracoke Island, seashore lighthouses and other historic novelties.

Registration for 2018 will be limited to 35 participants.

Entry Fees

A nice technical t-shirt is given to all participants.
A beautiful buckle to commenmorate your efforts for all finishers.

Crewed: $250.00

Important: Hotel/transportation costs are not included for crewed. By signing up crewed you are saying you do not need transportation from event staff before, during or after the event.

Solo: $500.00

•Hotel room the night before the event. (shared with one other challenger).
•Transport from the finish line to the hotel and the start line the morning of the event. Also, a ride back to your vehicle at the finish line should you need to drop out of the event.

There is a no refund policy for this challenge until such time as the entry limit is filled. If the limit is reached then an 80% refund, minus processing fees can be made. There will be no refunds within 45 days of the event start.

A Few Thoughts About OBX 200

1. As a stepping stone to Tarheel Ultra. Some challlengers may feel as though the 378 mile distance required to complete TU is beyond them. OBX 200 provides roughly the same time guidelines but will allow you to gain the confidence needed to take on greater challenges.

2. Some challengers may not want to complete the enire TU course whether it be because of ability or time. OBX 200 accommodates both by reducing the time needed and overall effort. But make no mistake,compleing the OBX 200 will challenge you completely.

3. Originally I wanted to have OBX 200 in September when the ground is warmer and participants could sleep out in the open if they desired. But, summer storm activity is too prevailant and likely to interfere too many times with us being able to complete the event as was the case during the trial run of OBX 200 this past September when we had to stop due to mandatory evacuations during Hurricane Maria. Still, in April lighter packs and warmer weather should make for a great adventure.

4. Most everyone loves a great point to point run. What could be better than the Outer Banks. There are several 200 mile runs now available but none in the mid-Atlantic area.

5. It came to my attention during the 2018 event that there more experienced runners who might try to complete the event non-stop.

Local time: 10:04 AM


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