Saturday, Sep 15, 2018 @ 7:00 AM

Chautauqua Ultras

67 Valley St

Mayville, NY 50 Miler, 50K, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 15, 2018


Chautauqua Ultras was an idea thought of by the Race Director, a fellow runner who has completed several ultras himself. The thought was to create an event for runners who have contemplated completing an ultra but may have been intimidated by the fact most are very technical and the course can be very remote. This event is run within the village limits and includes sections of both trail and road portions. The course is essentially a 5 mile loop where the runner is never very far from help if needed. The course is relatively flat and the elevation gain and loss is approximately 80 feet per loop.

There will be one fully stocked and manned aide station with the usual food and hydration products and an additional unstaffed station on the course with water only. If you require something particular to meet your needs please let the Race Director know before race day and we will attempt to supply it for you.

This is a family and crew friendly event. The Start/Finish line is located at the Gravit Field Memorial Park Pavilion in Mayville, New York.. In the event of inclement weather crew and family can wait inside for their runner. Also due to the nature of the course there are multiple areas along the road portion where family and crew can see you. Aide however can only be given at either one of the aide stations. We ask that crew and family meeting you on the course be mindful of the village residents and park accordingly. Please see the rules section for further explanation. It is also encouraged if the runner would like to family or friends to finish the race with them, they may meet the runner approximately a quarter mile from the finish line and complete it with the runner as long as it does not impede other runners.

The race is being supported by the Chautauqua Fire Department. All proceeds will go to the wings Flights of Hope.

Local time: 1:29 PM


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