Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 @ 9:00 AM

Ray's Ramble

4695 Rucker Road

Mount Perry, OH 50K, 40K - 4 Person Relay, 10 Miles, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 28, 2019

Ray’s Ramble

What was the inspiration for the Ramble?

During the 2020 COVID season we had six 100-milers, four 50-milers, and a bunch of 50ks out at the farm. These were not part of a formal race, it was just friends who wanted to do something awesome while everything was shut down. A few key features of these runs are what inspired the Ramble:

These runs were self-supported. The runners brought all their own stuff because, obviously, the runners know what they want.
These runs allowed the runners to choose their own challenge. Some did big elevation, some focused on speed, and some went for both. Some came to support others and ended up doing more than they ever had before.
These runs were incredibly fun to host.
These runs allowed dumb ideas to become reality.
Words of Wisdom from Juston Wickham
What is a Ramble?

12-hour race time.
A 24-hour option is available to runners chasing a belt buckle (100k+)
12-hour option is $25. 24-hour option is $35 bucks.
Runners do NOT have a set course.
Our large arrow signs will always point the shortest distance back to the start (it will be hard to get hopelessly lost).
There are 13.1 miles of trail loops marked but runners can run where they choose (runners must stay on a trail).
One of the loops is 4.167 miles (AKA: A Backyard Ultra loop).
Runners can choose to run any combination of roads or trails. We do prefer the trails so most awards will be based on running the trails.
Orienteering checkpoints will be an optional part of the race.
This is a light version of an orienteering race (you must stay on the trails, no bushwhacking).
10 different checkpoints will be on the course.
Runners can tap out at any time by ringing the bell.
Once you tap out your race is over.
Runners MUST check in at least once every two hours. Tapping out means you no longer have to check in.
We will provide the basics (water, restrooms, trails, and Coke) but runners will need to be self-supported.
Q: “What the heck? I paid for a race! Where are the aid stations?!” A: The race fees will barely cover the porta-john rentals. If this is an issue go do a different $25 12-hour race.
Reasoning: Why make people pay money for food they don’t want?

Local time: 6:53 AM


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