Saturday, Sep 29, 2018

Shepherd's Spring

16869 Taylors Landing Road

Sharpsburg, MD 100K, 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 29, 2018


Thanks for checking us out! 2018 will be the first year for this event. Shepherd's Spring is comprised of three separate runs:
1. 100k - 7:00 a.m.(16 hours)
2. 50k - 8:00 a.m (15 hours).
3. Half Marathon - 9:00 a.m. (4 hours) THIS DISTANCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Cost: (service fee's charged by UltraSignup and Credit Card Companies) are included.
100k = $105
50k = $55
Half Marathon = $45


Bib Pickup starts at 6:00 a.m. at the Start line.


To encourage entrants of all abilities and ages to participate. These runs have been created so that all who participate have the best opportunity for success. If one of these characteristics fit's you then you are a perfect candidate for entry:

  • Have fun attitude.
  • Someone who want to run a "fast" or "easy" ultra marathon or Half Marathon
  • If you want to run a "Hundred" (100) but not miles :-)
  • A hesitant first time ultra runner.
  • Someone who, for what ever reason, struggles with cutoffs. (50k and Half Marathon)
  • Someone who want's to get "back into the game".
  • Experienced ultra marathoners who want to see how quickly they can finish.
  • Experienced road runners who are hesitant on running on anything other than pavement.
  • If you're directionally or logistically challenged.

    Those who don't have a fun attitude or cannot mentally handle an almost entirely flat and straight course are not a good fit here.


    Simple... the adventure starts at the Shepherd's Spring Retreat Center. Runners will follow the trail to the Historic C&O canal and then turn left (south bound). You will then run on the C&O Tow Path for approx 15 miles then turn around and head back to the Start / Finish line.

  • 100k is a double out and back.
  • 50 is a single out and back
  • Half Marathon is a single out and back.

    Cut Offs

    100k runners will not be allowed to continue if they don't make the half way point (50k) within 7.5 hours (2:30 p.m.) and the 3/4 turnaround by 12 hours (7:00 p.m.)

    50k will not be allowed to continue if they don't reach the half way point by 6.5 hours (2:30 p.m.)

    Half Marathon runners must finish within 4 hours (1:00 p.m.) or they will be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish). Cut off times will be enforced and not subject to "negotiation".

    Aid Stations

    There will be two... possibly three Aid Stations on the course. We are currently working with the Park Service. If there are only two Aid Stations then the turn around point will not have Aid. The turn around would be a manned water stop but the full Aid Stations will be located on the out and back giving the runners four opportunities for aid on the course.

    Pacers and Crews

    100k pacers may accompany their runner on the second loop starting from the Start/Finish line. Pacer's are not permitted for the 50k or the Half Marathon. Crew's are only allowed at the Aid Stations and the Start / Finish line. It's considered un-sportsmen like to crew from any other location and the runner will be subject to penalty. Pacer's may not leave their cars at any aid station. They may only leave their car at the Start / Finish. There is no shuttle to the aid stations.


    Camping is available (free). RV's are allowed but no hook ups (free). There are cabins with running water for Friday night only.


    There are no overall winner or age group awards. Each runner who complete's their distance will receive a Finishers medal.


    Definitely! Each entrant will receive a premium and possibly other "stuff". Our fashion buyers are currently consulting with top NYC fashion designers for the latest trends and styles in ultra running.

    About the Race Director:

    Hi! My name is Kevin Sayers and I'm the Race Director of Shepherd's Spring. Who am I? What's my resume? What's my thinking? OK.. here goes:

  • Check my running history right here on UltraSignup.
  • Completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in 1998
  • Completed the "JFK 100" (1998, 1999)
  • Race Director - Catoctin 50k Trail Run since 1999.
  • Race Director - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run since 2011.
  • Race Director - Greenbrier Ultra's since 2018
  • Aid Station Captain - Bull Run Run 50 Mile - Centerville A.S. since 1999.
  • website since 1996

    Consider my position as a cheerleader not a gate keeper. It's to get runners to finish not cut them off. My goal is to conduct a fun and rewarding experience for every participant, crew and volunteer. For me the most rewarding experience of being an RD is greeting each and every runner at the finish line with a congratulation, a handshake, a fist bump, a hug or a combination of all three and seeing their face of "finishing". I've been around enough years (since '96) and run enough races that I've gained enough insight to know how to do it... and do it right.

    The reason for starting Shepherd's Spring 100k / 50k / Half Marathon is that I enjoy doing this stuff! The fun is doing things a little differently, offer more opportunities and be more inclusive to runners of varying abilities and age. My hope is that you'll join us and help make these races a fun and enjoyable experience.

    Local time: 9:33 AM
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