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2020 Cancelled

After much review of the on going road work on Highway 146 in the Seabrook/Kemah area, we are very sure and sad to announce that the 2020 Rum to the Rum 50k has been cancelled. We are working on a Rum Runner get together at Railean's Rum on what would be race day! So be sure and check in on our Facebook group page for more details!


Welcome to the 3rd Annual Run To The Rum 50k

Run To The Rum 50k is not only a fun unsupported 50k that finishes at Railean Rum, that is the first and only Rum to be certified Made In The USA in accordance with Federal Trade Commission requirements under federal law.

Run To The Rum 50k is also a fundraiser for the Footsteps For The Fallen scholarship program. Footsteps For The Fallen awards scholarships to the children of our Texas First Responders. The mission of Footsteps For The Fallen is to honor all Texas First Responders. We are compassionately devoted to assisting the children of Texas First Responders with scholarships while honoring the memory of the fallen.To find out more about Footsteps For The Fallen, visit our website,

This is a ZERO support 50K run!

Solo Runner


This is a ZERO support 50K run!

There are a number of gas stations, and stores around the route to stop and get pretty much any supplies you may need! The course is a mix of crushed granite with it mostly being concrete. There is a wide shoulder when next to the roadway.

What you will need? A hydration pack or water bottle or two should be fine. Most water stops are 3-4 miles apart. Depending on weather, also rain gear, light gloves, beanie or anything else that you may want to stay dry or warm. Also cash, ID, and phone of course encase you just have to call for help! You don't need to weigh yourself down with water, food or most other needs. You can purchase along the way if needed.

Runners will need to find their own transportation to the starting line. We will do our best to work with you to help get you back to your car once you finish. But do have a backup plan to get back to where ever you parked, have a friend or family member meet you at the finish, Uber or Lyft are also in the area.

Start Time: 7:00am in La Porte, TX.
“East Fairmont Park Jogging Track”
11005 Spring Wood Dr, La Porte, TX 77571

Finishing at “Railean Rum Distillers”
341 5th Street, San Leon, TX 77539

See list of Race Rule below!

Once you finish, Railean's will have Rum Runner drink specials, hot dogs, a distillery tour, and a great time with new friends!

Solo Runner: 1st, 2nd & DFL


Find the route on Map My Run, “Run To The Rum 50k”

Join our Facebook page, “Run To The Rum 50k” to keep up with all the goings on, and become a Rum Runner!

What you will see along the way. Lots of Wildlife, Pasadena Rodeo/Fair Grounds, Armand Bayou Nature Center, NASA Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Clear Lake, Kemah Boardwalk, Galveston Bay, and must more!

Email us with any question at

Race Rules

General Race Rules:

2: NO CREWS! Due to safety and this being an unsupported 50k no crews are allowed!

3: Time limit is 8 hours, 3:00pm. To be an Official Finisher you must finish within the 8 hour time limit.

4: All Rum Runners must check in at the start line, ready to race, at 06:45 and the race will begin at 07:00 on race day.

5: The race bib/pirate flag must be worn and visible at all times during the race. It can be placed anywhere obvious: hat, hydration pack, number belt, chest or back of shirt, etc. This flag will be given at check in, see rule 2.

6: Rum Runners are not allowed to wear any sort of ear bud devices that will impact their situational awareness, due to running on open roadways.

7: When running on roadway, running must always be single file “outside the white line” on the side of the roadway. Runners should be facing traffic.

8: All Rum Runners must display sportsmanship at all times.

9: Always look and listen both ways before crossing all roadways. Drivers are not expecting runners. Remember we are on public roads with no road closures. Runners should not cross over the roadways more than necessary.

10: If a runner drops/withdraws, he/she/they must contact the Race Director immediately. All Rum Runners who drop are encouraged to come to the finish line to greet and celebrate with their fellow Rum Runners.

11: All runners who complete the full 50k route within the rules of the race will receive the finisher’s award.

12. Race Director has the ultimate final say on determination of any official finish.

13. NO refunds, transfers or deferring to future events.

Local time: 10:30 PM


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