Saturday, Sep 1, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

A Day At The Beach

17611 S Birchwood Loop Rd

Chugiak, AK 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 1, 2018

Chugach Run Team

The 2019 - Day at the Beach will be hosted by The Chugach Run Team and the Eagle River Trailhounds!

The Chugach Run Team is a group of friendly runners from the Eagle River, Alaska area. We would love to have you come join us for a run! Runners of all speeds and experience levels are welcome!

What is a timed race?

This is a timed running party. The runner who goes the farthest in the allotted time for each division wins. Runners can stop, hang out at the aid station, eat, catch a nap...whatever. Just do as many laps as you can.

There will be one aid station located at the start point near the Beach Lake chalet. We will provide water, sports drinks, snacks, warm soup and other stuff which you may or may not find appetizing after 50-100 miles. Feel free to bring your own. The aid station is your personal support and staging area.

Lead Dogs

Lead Dogs will run for the full 24 hours.
The event time for 24 hour runners is 12:00 pm Saturday - 12:00 pm Sunday.
Registration: $40

Swing Dogs

Swing Dogs will run for 12 hours.

There are two optional event times for 12 hour runners:

12:00 pm Saturday to 12:00 am Sunday

12:00 am Sunday to 12:00 pm Sunday

Registration: $40

Wheel Dogs

Wheel Dogs will run for 6 hours.
There are 4 optional event times for 6 hour runners:
12:00 pm Saturday to 6:00 pm Saturday
6:00 pm Saturday to 12:00 am Sunday
12:00 am Sunday to 6:00 am Sunday
6:00 am Sunday to 12:00 pm Sunday
Registration: $40

Event's current local time: 7:02 AM AK


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