Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 @ 5:50 AM

DWG Fatt Ass

Over There, it is a Fatt Ass

Delaware Water Gap, PA 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 3, 2018


"It's All Rocks!!!" Welcome to Dennis and Alex's idea of fun. Our goal is to host an event in a traditional "Fat Ass" Fashion. We have been running the DWG for a couple of years as transplants to the area. Alex has left the area and Dennis continue to forage thru the DWG. As a results of the many emails from runners in the area, we will be hosting again for the 5th Annual DWG FA 50K.   We came up with the brilliant idea on simply getting some other fellow trail runners together and run the DWG. This will not be for the faint of heart. This is not an event for first timers.  It will likely be cold, wet, possibly some snow and some ice....and most importantly there are hills (It's the DWG) and ROCKS will be everywhere. We expect no whining and will not offer cheese @ the finish.


We are bringing some trail runners and ultra runners together to run the DWG along the Appalachain Trail (The AT). There is no cost!!! However, the field is limited to 50 runners.  We will mantain a wait list.


We will be making technical running shirts for this event. An epic event deserves a memento; Fatt Ass or Not. Cost: $20.00 If you request a shirt, please show up to the race. We do this out of our pocket. If you decide to not show up or cancel, please advise us by 20 SEPT. We are all smart people and you can figure out why we must write this :-)


The Start/Finish will be @ the Lake Road parking lot, just off of the AT and before Lake Lenape. The course will run up and down both sides of the DWG and will include two ascents up to Mt. Tamanny, Sunfish Pond, and a climb to Mt. Minsi. Runners will then run out on this AT past Tott's Gap, out to Rte 191, and return to the Start/Finish.

Course Markings

We will be leveraging the trail markings that are already in place on the AT (White Blazes) and the Mt. Tammany trails (Blue Dot and Red Dot).

Runner Mileage and Post Event Food

Since the course is an out and back (See Map), runners have the options not complete the entire 50K. After all it is a Fatt Ass, so come join us and run as much as you want. The trails are free to run on and so is the event. Since it will be cold, we will have food that will keep you warm: chili, soup, chips, maybe even some burgers.

Runner Accountability

All runners must check-in before the run starts and check-in with the Race Directors when finished running their respective distance. We will have a brief Fatt Ass ceremony to get everyone ready to run.

Local time: 6:37 AM


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