Saturday, Jan 19, 2019

Wilson Creek Frozen 50K

Hwy 78/Wilson Creek Rd

Melba, ID 50K, 20 Miler, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 19, 2019

We're Back!

Wilson Creek is back! Save the date for January 21, 2023 and head to for all the details.


If you are looking for an epic adventure on the trails in January, you will not be disappointed. We could be treated to anything from temps in the 40s with egregious mud to pouring rain to sub-zero conditions with wind and ice like the arctic. Come prepared for anything and bring your good attitude and sense of adventure. You should carry at least two water bottles or a hydration pack. This is not your fall road marathon that has fully stocked aid stations every mile. 50k and 20 mile runners are advised to bring traction devices and/or trekking poles if conditions warrant, an emergency whistle, space blanket, headlamp, outer shell layer, and knowledge of the course. Please read through the information on the website to be fully informed.


Wilson Creek is located about 30 minutes south of Nampa, Idaho at the main trailhead on Wilson Creek Road off Hwy 78 between Marsing and Melba. Take Wilson Creek Road south off Hwy 78 and go past the Wilson Creek Cattle Feeders. 50k and 20 Mile start at 7:30 am; 10 mile starts at 9:00 am.

Age Limits

Wilson Creek Frozen 50k reserves the right to deny entry into the race based on age (youth). To enter the 10 Mile, kids 18 and under must have parental approval (and possibly supervision if young or inexperienced enough); as a rule, we are not allowing kids under 18 to register for the 50k or 20 Mile. We know there are kids who could be exceptions to this exclusion. If you are one of those kids who wants to run the longer distances, let's talk.

Things to Consider

Things to Consider: Herds of wild horses have historically populate(d) the hills in the Wilson Creek area. Admire but steer clear of them. If you see horses and they appear to be alarmingly interested in your presence, you should make whooping Indian war cries, which has proven to dissuade parading horses. Don't ask how we know that. (Most horses were relocated after the Soda Fire of 2015). If you are lucky, you will see deer or foxes in the early morning hours. Bikers, hikers, hunters, horse riders, ATV enthusiasts - these are the people you may encounter on the trails on a Saturday. Some of the grades especially on the descent from Wilson Peak can be very steep and especially hazardous if icy and/or muddy. Be cautious. We would feel very badly if anyone injured themselves. This run is a VOLUNTARY, predominantly self-supported, possibly solitary venture chosen by you. Do not participate if you are not 100 percent responsible and capable of taking care of yourself for an extended period of time (1-12 hours) in variable weather conditions in rugged terrain. Do not participate in this run if you are not in reasonable physical condition to spend hours on the trail climbing and descending; likewise, know when to quit. If you are not in the proper physical condition to undertake the 50k, please check your ego at the trailhead and sign up for the 10 mile race instead. Remember, we are warning you that this is a very tough run, and you are making the choice to participate. There is a possibility that the trails and roads will be aggravatingly and unrunnably slick, muddy, and treacherous. We (Pickled Feet Ultra Running, race organizers, volunteers) are not responsible for costs associated with search and rescue or any costs associated with your injuries or death. Be smart, use common sense, and be safe out there. Bring your sense of adventure and your good attitude, and leave your whining at home!

Local time: 12:15 AM


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