Saturday, Jun 22, 2019 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 22, 2019

Elijah Bristown 24/12 Hour Run

Welcome to the Bristow 24/14. This race is a 1.05 mile loop, with less than 15 feet elevation change. You can run as many laps as you want in a 12-hour format or a 24-hour event. The route won't bore you!

The venue is at a state park and has the perfect area for your crew and fans to set up to help you get in another lap, and another, and another. But you don't need a crew if you want to do this all on your own. The aid station is amazing and you can access your car or a spot you set up.

This event is ideal for those who want to see just how far they can go, or for people who have a specific distance goal in mind and don't want a race with cutoffs. It's also a great opportunity to try out running in the dark and overnight. There are many reasons or purposes that runners have for doing this race. No matter yours, you can expect to walk (or hobble) away from the Bristow 24/12 feeling really happy and supported.

Come see just what you have in you!

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your registration and it’s more than 30 days prior to the race, you will receive a 50% credit toward a future Go Beyond Racing race. This credit is equal to half the value of the race you registered for and can be applied to any of our races that aren’t already sold out. You can use this credit within 365 days of it being issued. There is no transferring of this credit. If your cancellation is 30 days or less from race day, there is no credit, no refund, or no transfer. You can read the cancellation policy here:

Local time: 6:57 PM


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