Saturday, Feb 16, 2019

Outlaw 100 Oklahoma

2300 Park Cabins Road

Wilburton, OK 100 Mile - 5 Person Relay, 100 Miler, 50 Miler, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 16, 2019


Run in the footsteps of actual OUTLAWS!! Outlaw 100 course is located in the Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton, Oklahoma. Robbers Cave State Park (established in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps) is associated with OUTLAW names like Jesse James, Belle Star, and the Youngers. The Park consists of 8,246 acres of scenic views with bluffs overlooking three large lakes, rock formations, and caves to be “enjoyed” as you navigate the mainly single track, forested, technical terrain with an abundance of rocks and roots.

Pacer/Crew/ Drop bags

100 and 135 mile runner may have a pacer after 50 miles or when it starts to get dark. Crew is allowed at Shorty's Brothal, and the start/finish. You can also have drop bags at start\finish, and Shorty's Brothal.

Cancellation Policy

The only reason we will cancel this event is if the forest is on fire, there is a tornado and there are badgers the trail. If for any reason the event has to be shut down due to extreme weather, natural disaster or zombies on the course (other than the runners…), you will be pulled from the course or held at an aid station until you can be removed from the course. Please, no arguing if this should happen. It is for your own safety.

Cut off for 100 and 135 and Aid Stations

Outlaw Cut Off
6am start
48 hour cut off
The Outlaw 100 course consists of a large 13 mile southern loop and a smaller 7 mile northern loop. Together, these loops comprise a unique 20 mile segment that must be completed 5 times. The Outlaw 135 mile course thus is made up of the 100 mile course with the bonus of the 7 mile loop an additional 5 times. This allows runners to be monitored more closely by the start/finish aid station late in the race. Drop down buckles will be given for the longest distance a runner completes.

Aid Stations Mileage

1st unmanned water/snack station 2.5

2nd unmanned water/snack station 3.5

Shorty’s Brothel 7

3rd unmanned water/snack station 8.75

4th unmanned water/snack station 11.25

Start/Finish 13

5th unmanned water/snack station 16

Start/Finish 20

100 mile cut off times

Start 5h loop at 36 hours

135 cut off times

Start last 35 miles at 40 hours


Outlaw 5k badge - second year!

The star actually spins. Run it Saturday or Sunday or do the virtual. Do the 5k challenge by adding it on to any distance (right after your race or in the following week) and get both medals plus an Outlaw coffee mug. $10 discount with the code Challenge.

Awards Policy

Outlaw Awards Policy
A lot of races give the same buckles/awards every year. Thus runners who want to return to their favorite races due to the people, course, location, etc.… end up with several of the same awards. Some are fine with this while it leaves others unsatisfied. For this reason, the Outlaw has decided to make awards to be given based on the years of participation of the individual runner.
The rules of this policy are as follows: A runner will qualify for the next iteration of the award of the farthest distance they have completed in previous years.
Examples include:
1. Complete the 100 mile in year 1 – qualify for any award in year 2
2. Complete the 50 mile in year 1- qualify for all distances of 50 miles and below of year 2. Completion of the 100 mile would still merit the 1st year buckle.
3. Complete the marathon the first 2 years – qualify for all distances of marathon and below of year 3. Distances of 50 miles and above would qualify for year 1 awards.
We believe this policy will allow runners to collect all our designs without repeating the exact same medal/buckle. It will be labor intensive with possibly/likely some sorting of confusion, but it will allow runners to have variety while also being monetarily feasible with less waste.
Below are the second year 100 and 50 mile buckles. For those who don’t know, black aces and eights is the dead man’s hand (IE Wild Bill). We will post other distances in coming days. Please feel free to ask questions or message us because we expect them.

Refund Policy

Under no circumstance will refunds be issued.

Marathon and Half Marathon

Marathon and Half Marathon Outlaw awards - second year!!
We are offering both distances with both Saturday and Sunday starts which gives the opportunity to double up! This gives 1st year attendees the chance to get the second year awards?? If you have conflicting obligations it also gives you a chance to come down either day.
Doublers will receive an Outlaw beanie. Use the code Doubler at checkout on Ultrasignup to get a $10 discount.

The Outlaw 135

The Outlaw 135!!
There has been increased interest in the longer distances, especially the 200 mile races. This is a nice intermediate to test yourself and develop strategies for those longer runs. Run the regular 100 mile course and finish the last 35 miles on the 7 mile section. This allows us to keep a closer watch on the runners and concentrate volunteers. Same Saturday morning start time as other distances with a 48 hour cutoff. We do allow drop downs to still get a 100 mile buckle or longest distance completed as in all our runs (but not qualify for place).

Volunteer Benefits

Along with a T-shirt and the normal fun of volunteering, we would like to do more. It takes a community to put on quality races, but volunteers also need to be appreciated. The program will be as follows: Shifts are in 4-8 hour increments and we will have a sign up list shortly. If you volunteer for one shift at any of our races you will get 25% off registration for any of our future races (Outlaw, Mcmurty, Dark and Dirty). Distance is not a factor. So 4 shifts will be a free race.

Local time: 4:39 PM


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