Saturday, Apr 20, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

Run with the Goats

Jacob Ct.

Kennewick, WA 50K Light, 50K Beer, 50K Sober

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 20, 2019

race cancelled

As a race director, there's no worse news to deliver than this. I wanted to wait until as late as possible to make the final call, but there's no way we can still host this race. Benton county is still in "phase 1" and per the governor's mandates and the Benton county health dept., we're not allowed to have any outdoor gatherings of any size at all. Given the pace of Benton county’s recovery there doesn’t appear any way to get to phase 3 or 4 by September (we need to be in phase 3 to host groups of up to 50 people).

I was hoping by now we'd be able to have the race, even if it meant starting the runners in smaller groups, but it just won't work this year.

A new race date will be chosen soon. I will share it with you as soon as possible.
thank you for your understanding.

Remember, just because everything has been cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside and get your miles in. If you do please remember to maintain appropriate social distancing and wear your masks when you can’t. If we work together and do the right thing we can beat this virus and get everything re-opened sooner. Hopefully we will be able to return to some kind of normal soon.

The details!

Hello goat fans!
Welcome to the THIRD annual Run With The Goats 50K!
The rules are as follows:
There are three divisions: "Beers", “Lights”, and "Sobers". Runners in the Beers and Lights category must have a ride home arranged for them.
When the race starts at 10:00 AM the “beers” must drink a 16 oz. beer and then complete a 4.5-mile trail run (the “Lights” must drink a 12 oz. beer). After the first 4.5 miles you have the option of either having another beer and continuing on for another 4.5 miles, or dropping out. Only those entrants that complete all 7 laps (and drink 1 beer before each lap) for a total of 31 miles and 7 beers will be granted an official "finish". All others will receive a "DNF" (did not finish).
The “sobers” follow the same rules but they shall drink 12 oz. of a fizzy non-alcoholic beverage of their choice before each lap. Why? Because belching while running is funny. There are some that maintain that the “sobers” have it rougher than the beer drinkers.
“Light” entrants will be tracked separately from the “beers” and “sobers”, so we have 3 separate finishing categories.
Unlike most races DNF's are encouraged! Don't feel bad about dropping out in this race, just hang around and enjoy some food, drink and friendship, and heckle those that are silly enough to press on!
The race is being held entirely on the single track trails located in Reata Canyon just outside of Richland city limits. There is an easement over the trails so we are allowed to use them, but please remember to be respectful as the trails are located entirely on private property. Be unfailingly nice to the property owners should you meet one. Other people and/or their horses may be using the trails that day too.
Please be nice and warn other hikers and their horses if you are running up behind them. Horses do NOT like to be surprised.
This is not an “easy” route either. The full 50K distance has 4,280’ of climbing! That’s over 600’ per lap.

More Important stuff, keep reading!

Since the whole race is on single track trails and we are expecting 50 runners, stay to the right when you meet a fellow runner head on, and also pass on the left after announcing "on your left". Proper trail etiquette will earn you bonus points! Granted these points are completely worthless, but it’s nice to have them.
The start/finish is located on private property (AKA “Joel’s house”). That's where the beer and potluck will be. Joel and his lovely wife have graciously and foolishly allowed us to use his front & back yard for our start/finish and beer drinking needs. Please be respectful, be clean, and offer to help clean up the mess afterwards! We will have porta-potties at the start and a fire pit too.
If the weather is nasty we will set up a wall tent with a fire pit inside it. If you have a wall tent feel free to bring it too. The more warmth we have the longer runners will stick around.
Yes, Joel does have two lovely goats that live in his backyard and if everyone follows the rules he will let them out for a while to visit with all of us. However, given that they are herd animals they can’t participate in the race itself. That many strange people going that many directions will confuse and upset them. They’re used to having these trails to themselves.
All entrants will receive a custom pint glass!
All "beer" and "light" entrants should have a designated driver, an Uber, or carpool with a "sober" entrant. Don’t be dumb. Dumb people will not be allowed to participate in future Nomad events.
This race is potluck-style, so please sign up on the spreadsheet to bring something yummy to share for all. You can get to the spreadsheet by clicking this link, or copy and paste it to your browser:
The price for "beer" and "light" entrants includes all beer and a custom pint glass.
“Sobers” will also get a pint glass to keep but need to bring their own fizzy non-alcoholic beverages.
Nomad Trail Runner members in good standing are eligible for a discount code, just ask first!
Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for signing up. Remember, the race will be capped at 50 entrants so don’t dilly dally! (waitlisters will be invited as spots open. The waitlist is first come, first serve)
Happy runnin!! Jason

Local time: 1:57 PM


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