Friday, Jun 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

OUTRUN Backyard Ultra


Bragg Creek, AB Last Runner Standing

Registration closes: Tue, Jun 18 @ 11:59 PM


Outrun Backyard Ultra 2019 is an inaugural race held in support of the Rare Disease Foundation. This event will be held at 10 am on June 21, 2019 (Summer Solstice) in beautiful West Bragg Creek AB, Canada only 45 SW of Calgary. This race mimics the race style of Lazarus Lake's Big Dogs Backyard Ultra held in Bell Buckle Tennessee every October.

It's a 6.71km/4.18mile looped double track cross country skiing trail course with rolling hills. Each loop will be 120 meters of elevation. Competitors will be given 1 hour to complete the race course. Upon start and completion each runner must step over the start/finish line before recieving aid. Once a runner is out on the course absolutely no aid/support can be given to any racer. In between the time that a runner steps past the finish line and the horn is sounded starting the next lap what he/she decides to do with their time is completely up to them. Runners will most likely choose to (but not in this order) eat, sit, change shoes, washroom break, do yoga, nap, change clothes. At night a fire will be started in the warming hut only steps from the start line to keep runners and crew warm. A full snack station will be set up with food and drink to help keep runners fueled. A first come first serve set up for 1 chair and 1 cooler will be made available adjacent to the start line for runners to access their needed gear. When runners exit the race we ask you to vacate the space to allow chairs further back to move closer to the start. Washrooms will be made available close to the start line. A three minute warning will be given with three blows of a whistle, two minute warning, then a one minute warning. If a runner is not in the starting square when the Go Horn is sounded the runner will not be allowed to proceed. This format will be repeated until only one runner remains. When down to the final two runners, if the other runner bows out and does not decide to go back out on the course the final runner must complete one more lap to claim first place. First place will be awarded 1000 cash (from an anonymous donor), thousands of dollars of prizes from Outrun Rare partners, a one of a kind belt buckle, a chance to win a golden ticket to the original Big Dogs Backyard Ultra, and best of all bragging rights.

Dave Proctor

1 MAN | 66 DAYS | 7200 KM

Local time: 7:49 AM
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