Friday, Apr 23, 2021

SISU 24 Hour Ultra

1100 N. Canyon Blvd

Monrovia, CA 100 Miler, 24 Hours - Team, 24hrs

This Event Took Place Fri. Apr 23, 2021


The Race

SISU 24 Hour Race from Awesome Name on Vimeo.

Southern California Ultra Runner's Grand Prix Series

SISU ENDURANCE is proud to announce the SISU 24 is a qualifying race as part of the Southern California Ultra Runner's Grand Prix Series!
Participating Races include - Orange Curtain 50k/100k, Sycamore Canyon 50-100K, Griffith Park Trail, Old West Trails 50k, Run4Kids 12H/24H/100M, Santa Barara Nine Trails, Old Goat 50, Oriflamme 50, SISU 24, Leona Divide, PCT 50, Born To Run, Nanny Goat, Holcomb Valley, Black Mountain, Harding Hustle, AC100, Kodiak 100, Bulldog Ultra, Noble Canyon, Rocky Peak, Lake Hodges


SISU 24 is Back! Update 8/4/2021

This past year and a half has been tough on everyone, let’s all get together and celebrate what we all love – community, friendship, family, and our love of battling mountains!

The Bobcat Fires and Floods wreaked havoc and was one of the largest ever recorded fires in Los Angeles County, but the community and park are working hard on the restoration processes. With that we have set the new date for the SISU 24 and look forward to spending the weekend with you and your family/crew/friends!

Saturday, November 26 – Sunday November 27, 2022

You are encouraged and invited to come to camp Friday, November 25th to set up your tent/camp space.

New trails, a renewed mountain, and the bears that miss you. Bears….. lots of bears………

*Anyone who was previously registered has been moved forward to this year. If this year does not work for you, you will be forwarded to the following year upon request, or you may gift your registration, if you cannot make it, don’t want to gift, or forward your registration, then your registration will be donated to the Camp to assist with their restoration*

About the Race

We are excited to announce our return home, Camp Trask in Monrovia, CA!

SISU ENDURANCE presents one of the most unique events on the planet. 24 hours to run any distance you like, including the opportunity to achieve one of the toughest 100 miles anywhere! We start in Monrovia Canyon Park-Camp Trask. You are encouraged to come Friday and set up your base camp. Set up your tent and gear next to the Boy Scout Fort - which provides a unique and fun experience, please bring the entire family, crew, or friends – all extra support team are free and encouraged! Saturday morning the race starts. 100-mile runners go out first, then Individual and team 24-hour runners follow shortly after(100 milers start at 5am, 24-hour racers start at 8am) . The race ends Sunday, 24 hours later for team and individual, and there is a 35-hour cutoff for 100-mile athletes(4pm). If an individual or an individual of a team achieves 75 miles during their 24-hour race, they may elect to carry on.

This race is self-supported. We encourage everyone to be festive and creative with your camp. We will have movies as well as arts and crafts for the family! There are multiple loops (introducing 3 new trails this year!) all leaving from base camp. The longest distance is 15 miles, and the shortest is 4ish miles. Every time you head out you check in at the head table which is at the fort at Trask. You choose which loops you want to do, and how many you desire! There are also challenges through the 24 hours if you desire such as midnight yoga, and community service. At the end points are earned by your miles as well any extra challenges you do. You are never far from base camp and your gear/fuel/food. There will be hot food for sale at base camp! The mood is festive with lights, movies, crafts, and onesies. You may encounter bears, cats, deer, and other wildlife but they are your SISU neighborhood friendly wildlife friends, so bring your camera!

3 Registrations
24 Hour Solo – as many miles as you like
24-hour Team – Teams of 3. You may run together or individually. Your team points will be totaled between all three athletes
100 Mile – 35-hour cutoff. This is a very tough 100. Last year brought our first finisher with over 19,000 ft. total elevation gained.

4-5 different trails, ranging from 5 to 15 miles. Distances will be announced shortly along with points for each trail (All trails are being scouted and marked for safety, as well as difficulty after the fires and floods. Please be patient as we work hard to bring you the best event we can)

New Trails will be added this year!

Trail Points
Will be announced shortly before the race along with distances
Points can be earned for challenges throughout the race. Challenges included midnight yoga, community service, mental challenges and more. These are all completely optional. Points will be heavily weighted toward mileage earned. Families are encouraged to work for fun challenges, while competitive racers will be battling for miles earned

Trail and Camp

We are trail runners and love this community. SISU is very proud to offer this race at an extremely cost-effective price point. Included in your registration is 3 days of camping! The Camp has suffered a lot of damage from fires and floods so this year Cabin stays are not an option. We will have the park ranger station open for all who paid for cabin, previously. This includes a kitchen and bathroom available only to those staying in the Ranger Station. Please bring your tent, sleeping bag, etc. There is a main room where you will have access to set up your area. Remember this is just to sleep, we expect you out and racing all weekend! Additionally, the Fort at Camp Trask has recently been remolded and this is where our base camp will be held. Athletes are invited to come and set up tents in and around the camp. If you elect not to use the Ranger Station and previously reserved a cabin stay your reservation will be forwarded to a following year when the cabins are restored. All profits will be donated directly to the restoration of the camp, so please be understanding of the years of tribulation.

Please bring your family and crew and camp for free on us! Set up a tent, use your car, just be mindful of the bears and keep your things locked up. Fires are not permitted.

This event will take place at Camp Trask, a special place located in Monrovia, CA. Camp Trask is located


Custom Wood Round Medal – all participants. You may engrave it with your name and bib number
Engraved Clock – Top 3 Male
Top 3 Female
Top 3 Teams (Each Team Member)
Custom Buckle – 100 Mile Finisher
SISU Spirit Award – Person with the most SISU Spirit!
SISU Miles – Most miles earned in the 24 hour period
If anyone achieves 100 miles in a 24 hour period, they earn the Custom 24 SPIKE!


SISU is very proud of the experience and our swag. Our athletes all receive Injinji Socks, Honey Badger supplements, Trail Toes Foot Care, as well as much more!

Required Gear

Required Gear:
Hydration Pack or bottles
Food for 24 Hours
Index Card
Ink Pad

Recommended Gear:
Sleeping Bag
Bug Spray
Toilet Paper
Heavy Jacket
Cookware (no open flames however propane stoves are allowed)
GPS or phone

Refund Policy

1. Please read the entire information provided in the catalog. Make sure you know what you are signing up for.
2. We do realize that things can come up and keep you from making the race:
A. A 60% refund will be allowed within in the first 45 days of your payment.
B. Post 45 days we will allow you to transfer to the next year for a fee of 50% of your registration.
3. We DO NOT allow substitutions or transfers. The registration is only good for the person that registered. Teams may switch team members for a fee of $10. However we do not allow substitutions or transfers of solo registrations.
4. If the race is postponed because of Covid-19 or anything out of the race directors control all registrations will be forwarded to the final year. There are no refunds due to a cancellation or postponement
5. Finally if you do not show up and fail to arrange for a deferment that is a DNS. This will be a total forfeit of you entry fees.
6. There are no exceptions to these rules.
*If the event is postponed due to event venue or other circumstance out of the race's control all registrations will be forwarded to the following year. If that date does not work, they will be forwarded to the year after that. If neither of those options work for you, you may gift your entry to any athlete of your choice. Simply contact the RD - Daren at There will be no refunds in this case as things happen outside of the event's control*

Local time: 12:17 PM


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