Saturday, Aug 10, 2019

One Hot Momma

A.W. Marion State Park

Circleville, OH 50 Miler, 50K, 25K, 8 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 10, 2019


Yo Momma's Got the Runs brings you an ultra event for all trail lovers! With 8 mile, 25k, 50k, and 50 mile (52 miles) distances to choose from, One Hot Momma has something for every ultra runner in your crew. Finisher medals for all, awesome race shirts that you'll actually want to wear, and the best dang support around! Come run with us!


This 4 mile loop course offers mostly single track trail with rocks, roots, rolling hills, and gorgeous views of Hargus Lake. There are also a couple sets of steps along the route that mix things up and provide an added challenge. With only a couple of road crossings within the park, this course is 99% trail, and 90% shaded.

8 miler = 2 loops
25k = 4 loops
50k = 8 loops
52 miler = 13 loops
Time limits:
50 Miler = 14 Hours
50k = 12 Hours
25k = 8 Hours
8 Miler = 5 Hours
* Note- All other distances have at least the time limit listed above. If extra time is needed, they may stay on the course up to the time the last 50 miler comes in to the finish.

Aid Stations & Support

There will be one aid station, located in the Start/Finish area. It will be fully stocked with all the traditional ultra fuel. Remember, if there is something special you just can't live without- bring it :) Friends and family are welcome to set-up tents in the grassy area near the aid station.

Momma's events have the best volunteer support around, with lots of ultra runners on hand to feed you, encourage you, change your smelly socks, and shove you back out there for another loop!


Restrooms: There are three restrooms located throughout the park, all of them along the course route. In addition, we will have port-a-potties in the Start/Finish area.

Showers: The local YMCA, located only a short 10-minute drive from the race, will graciously provide showers for anyone who finishes before they close at . Just mention that you are with our event.

Friends, Family & Crew: Friends, family, and crew are welcome to set-up tents and hang-out in the grassy area near the Start/Finish.

Drop Bags

Drop bags are permitted for the 50k and 50 Miler. You may leave your drop bag in the appropriate area under the shelter in the Start/Finish area. Please label your drop bag clearly with your name and bib#.


Camping is available through A.W. Marion State Park.
Campsites are on the other side of the lake, about a 10 minute drive from the start.

Refund Policy

There will be no transfer of entry fees or refunds given. The Luis Escobar refund policy will be in place. (Borrowed from the Black Mountain Monster race page.) He says it best:

“Finally – please remember that there will be NO refunds – NO transfers – NO exceptions. Do not ask for a refund or a transfer to another date or event – the answer is a polite, no. There will be no refunds even if your cat ate your homework or your dog ate your cat or your grandmother ran over your dog or your grandfather ran over your grandmother or you can’t find a babysitter or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are cheating on your girlfriend or you get shot in the head during an unfortunate piñata incident, of if you become injured or if you don’t have time to train or if you contract poison oak, syphilis, herpes simplex, chapped lips, the heart break of psoriasis or any other communicable decease or you get bit by a lizard, you have a hangover or you got shot in the neck with a poison dart or your trailer gets destroyed by a tornado or you get deported or your daughter gets married, or any other reason – your registration will not, under any circumstances, no way, no how, ain’t gonna happen, be refunded. Comprende? Don’t like that idea? Don’t register.”

Event's current local time: 9:27 PM ET


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