Saturday, Aug 24, 2019

Painful Elimination


Hudson, IL 25.5 Miler, Last Runner Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 24, 2019

Cancelled Event


New Start Time for 2020

7:00 AM sharp!!!

Aid Station

This is a Bring Your Own Aid Station event. We will provide water, ice, and a sport drink to be named later, at the Start/Finish area. One aid station will be set up at the halfway point with water only. You are responsible for bringing everything else you need for the day. Call it an ultra-running TRail-gate party!! There will be ample area next to the Start/Finish for runners to set up their own station (tents, canopies, chairs etc) or you can TRail-gate out of your car.

Central Illinois Ultra Series!

For 2019 Painful Elimination is part of the new Central Illinois Ultra Series!

You must complete 8 loops in regulation to qualify for the series.

Black Forest

Once again in 2020, we will change up the loop at some point in the day (we're still deciding on final logistics). Yes, the Black Forest will return!


FREE CAMPING is available at a group camping site just a short drive from the start/finish area! This is a primitive campsite - tent camping only; pit toilets and fire ring/barbecue are available. You do not need to reserve or register to camp here; just show up and set up!
If you prefer more amenities, Comlara Park also has a large campground with electric hookup and bathroom-shower facilities. Reservations for this campsite must be made through the park.
Overnight parking and camping is NOT allowed at the Start/FInish area (except overnight during the race).

About the Painful!

Run a 4.24687365 mile loop in under an hour-14:00pace. Easy right? But here's the catch-(and the fun part)-Everyone starts each loop together on the hour mark. If you complete the course in 45 minutes, you get 15 minutes rest before the next loop. If you complete the loop in 59 minutes, you get 1 minute rest. If you run the loop in 1 hour and one second, you are Painfully Eliminated. Get it? You must be standing in the start box ready to run on each hour. We keep running til only one is left. The last runner must complete their last loop in regulation in order to win. .
For 2020, we will give finisher prizes for runners finishing 8 Hours (approx. 50K), 15 Hours (approx. 100K) and, of course, the Last Runner Standing.

Last Runner Standing

No time limit for 2020. We will go until only one runner is left!


Great Scenic Course that consists of some mowed grass trails and single track. One road crossing. Two aid stations, one at around two miles-water. One at Start/Finish area-water and a sport drink to be named later.


All entrants will receive Shady Hollow Trail Runner swag - we're not sure what yet - last year was choice of Hoo-Rag or Sock Guy socks - will probably be similar this year.

Da Rules

This is not a race where the fastest wins! Everyone who finishes a loop in regulation time (1 hour) receives EQUAL credit in the final results. Anyone who does not finish a full loop in 1 hr will only get credit for the LAST full loop finished. No credit is given for starting a loop but not finishing, completing part of a loop, or finishing a loop in over 1 hour. A runner who finishes a loop faster than another runner is NOT ranked higher in finish order.
When we post final results, we list all finishers for each loop IN RANDOM ORDER (sometimes alphabetically; last year it was by bib number). We do not separate by age or gender. We do not record finish times for each loop for individual runners.
While we do submit results to Ultrasignup, this is as a courtesy so other runners can easily see results. If your Ultrasignup ranking matters a lot to you, this may not be your event! As stated above, we list finishers for each loop RANDOMLY. We have no control over how Ultrasignup determines final rankings or A/G results (and, frankly, my dears, we don't give a darn ;)

Local time: 5:15 PM


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