July 20 - 21, 2019

Whiteface Sky Races

5021 Rt. 86

Wilmington, NY Sky Race, Vertical K, Kid's Sky Climber, 25K - 3 Person Relay, 8K

Registration Ended Thu. Jul 18, 2019 @ 11:59 PM

About the event

Saturday will see redline ascents and kids with big smiles cresting toward the finish, and even larger on the faces of their parents. Sunday will see two of the sharpest vertical ascents and descents that you'll find on any Sky course, anywhere, and provide three options: the traditional 25k solo Sky Race, the single alpine loop Marshak's Mountain Run, as well as a 25k 3-person relay option.

Whiteface sits on more true vertical gain than all but 14 other ski resorts in North America and more than any resort east of the Rockies. From its sharp and exposed form to an entrance lined with the rings and flags of the world telling of its place in past and current Olympic activity, Whiteface is iconic. The resort and the town of Wilmington will provide the pitch perfect venue for what should be an amazing weekend of hard efforts, epic experiences, and the wonderful community which defines the best of trail running. Red Newt Racing is stoked to have you.



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