Sunday, Sep 15, 2019

Nesbit Park Trails Classic

5760 Yale Road

Bartlett, TN 50K, Marathon, 25K, 1/2 Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 15, 2019

2019 Race Info - a great race changes its name and adds a 10K

The Stanky Creek distance race has changed names to the Nesbit Parks Trails Classic! Lots of runners having fun on the super trail at Nesbit Park - nicknamed Stanky Creek - is what this race is all about! Great thanks to the Nesbit family for leaving this wonderful plot of land for the public use oh so many years ago now. All race entrants run a counterclockwise loop of some of the outstanding Stanky Creek single-track trail. The course is well marked and easy to follow. The only difference in the course loop for the 50K/25K runners and the Marathon/Half Marathon/10K runners is that the 50K/25K runners run the blue trail loop while the marathoners, half marathoners, and 10K runners don't. Please note that the 10K runners start at a different location.

Race web page:

This is a trail race – two counterclockwise loops of superb single-track trail to complete the 25K and half marathon, four counterclockwise loops to complete the 50K and marathon, and one almost-complete loop to run the 10K. The trail is almost completely shaded with many twists and turns. There are few rocks on the trail, but there are plenty of roots on the very run-able trail. 10K runners start their race on the trail near the finish line aid station; everyone else starts at the west side of the parking lot. Runners head east through the parking lot for about 400 feet before entering the trail to follow the well marked course. All runners finish their race at the finish line on the east side of the parking lot. The course will be well marked with arrow signs, confidence marker/ribbons, and flour markings.

Local time: 3:32 PM


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