Friday, Oct 18, 2019 @ 11:55 PM

Mailbox Sufferparty

North Bend, WA 48hrs, 36hrs, 24hrs

This Event Took Place Fri. Oct 18, 2019


The Mailbox Sufferparty started as an idea to hike or run up and down Mailbox Peak as many times as you could or wanted to in a day. Mailbox Peak is a 4000ft climb... the old trail is 2.5 miles long, rugged, steep, gnarly. The new trail is 5 miles long... a little smoother... but still it's 4000ft of climbing. Rinse, Repeat... over and over again.

Last year we showed up, and a bunch of us ran all day and all night...

Three of us did more than 7 laps, enough to "Everest"... Tyler did the most laps at 8! It took him 21 hours. Brad and Westy did 7.5 laps each. They were both out there for more than 25 hours. Lots of others just showed up and had fun... actually, we all had fun. Some people got pineapples for prizes for the fun they had. Because... Pineapples!

This year, let's make it a 24, 36, or 48 hour thing... just to see how far we can go. Let's have more people show up... to see how far they can go. Come join us in 2019, see how far you can go. You might get a pineapple!

The Rules

The main rule about the Sufferparty is there are no rules. Since there are no rules, we made this registration page, because there wasn't a rule against that.

We will start at midnight on Friday night... or is it Saturday morning... yeah... that's it Saturday morning at Midnight. Which is five minutes after 11:55pm on Friday night. If you want to start after that, you can.. because there are no rules. But you can't start early! Not because there isn't a rule about that... but because the Sufferparty doesn't start till midnight on Saturday morning. You can stop running whenever you want. You can sleep if you want... or if you want, you can tell yourself there's a rule against sleeping. We don't care, there's no rule about sleeping at the Sufferparty.

But... if you want to run this, and count it towards clubs like Marathon Maniacs or Ultra Madness, and they have rules, well, then you should follow those rules. We think this thing without rules will probably match all the rules that those clubs with rules will have. For example, we will be counting laps... last year we counted laps on the side of the van... if you want your laps counted... we'll count them. We also think that at least 15 people will show up. And we know that you can definitely run more than 31 miles in the time allotted.

Rules are for fools.

Local time: 2:55 PM


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