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Squatchayanda Full Moon Ugly Sweater Trail Run

It's about time. The weathaas finally turned. SWEATAA WEATHAA! SWEATAA WEATHAA! SWEATAA WEATHAA!

Join us at the beautiful Wawayanda State Park in Hewitt, New Jersey on Saturday December 21, 2019 for an epic night of trail running under the moon and stars! The December Squatchayanda is a UGLY SWEATER party! That's right, embrace the SWEATAA WEATHAA and bring your favorite ugly sweater. Ugliest sweater will take home a squatchtastic award! U.G.L.Y., you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly, hey hey, you’re ugly! **Can you believe that December 21st is also opening weekend for Star Wars Episode IV: The Rise of Skywalker ??!! All runners who wear a Star Wars Ugly Sweater will receive a special handmade award!***

Race Details

If you've never ventured out on the trail after dark, this is the perfect opportunity to jump into the Squatchtastic world of night trail running! Each runner will take home a unique finishers' item and the top male and female finishers for each distance will receive a special award. We will have a squatchariffic post-race party around a bonfire with roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate (BYO-mug!). ** If registration closes before you are able to sign-up, we will have race-day registration available; however we cannot guarantee finishers swag for race-day registrations.

When you get to the park, follow signs for "Wawayanda Beach". The start/finish will be at the beach. Check-in will be open from 4PM-5PM. All runners must be checked-in by 5PM. All runners will start at 5:30PM.. All runners are REQUIRED to have a headlamp and/or flashlight. Runners are strongly encouraged to bring an extra headlamp/flashlight and extra batteries. We will not have extra to give out and we cannot permit you to run if you do not have a light. If you fail to bring a headlamp, not only will you not be permitted to run, but you'll also have to answer to David S. Pumpkins. **This is a cupless event; please bring a water bottle/cup**

Course Description

There are restrooms at the "Boat Launch", just a short walk from the beach (the large bathhouses are closed for the winter). The entire course is runnable with very minimal technical terrain. The first 1/2 of the 5K is a large double-wide trail with a long gradual hill leading up to Wingdam Trail. Wingdam Trail turns into a singletrack. Less than a 1/4 mile at the beginning of Wingdam includes a steep, somewhat technical ascent and descent. Little Bear Trail is singletrack along the lake with some roots.

Runners will start at the check-in area at the beach. Runners will follow Double Pond Trail past the lake. The "Historic Furnace" will be on the left as you continue onto Laurel Pond Trail. Turn right onto Wingdam Trail. After passing the dam on the left, turn left onto Little Bear Trail. Little Bear Trail runs right along Wawayanda Lake for 1/2 mile. When you get to the end of the clearing, turn left to get back on Double Pond Trail to get back to the beach.


Q: I don't have a headlamp or a flashlight, will there be any extra at the race?
A: We will not have extra headlamps/flashlights and we will not have extra batteries. You are required to bring your own and make sure that it has fresh batteries. You'll find that we are super laid back, but this is something we won't mess around with. We will be checking to make sure that every runner has a headlamp and/or flashlight and will not make any exceptions. Please do not come without a headlamp/flash light and tell us that you are going to run with a friend who has one.

Q: Is there race-day registration available?
A: Yes! We just can't guarantee finishers' swag if you sign-up at the race.

Q: What happens if I get to the race and find out that my headlamp and/or flashlight is dead?
A: You will not be permitted to run. Runners are strongly encouraged to bring an extra headlamp and/or flashlight AND an extra set of batteries.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Negative. Max the Pug has to stay home for this event.

Q: Can I sign my kids up for Squatchayanda?
A: Yes! This is a family friendly event. However, YOU are responsible for your kids and need to run with them. Be sure to register your child separately and agree to the waiver for minors. Please keep track of Stefon and Debbie before, during and after the race. We only have 1 search-party and they're already out there looking for Sasquatch.

Q: What's the weather like in Hewitt, NJ in December?
A: Yeah. What a wow it's been out in that side. This year 's got temps in this simple dip it. Why? Global warm it. Be sure to keep it safety. And, hey if you've got to go car on that icy road slowing it right down, Mmay? Hat.

Q: What??!
A: It'll likely be cold and maybe snow. Dress warm and bring layers. DON'T FORGET YOUR UGLY SWEATAAA! Oh, and we recommend leaving those generously cut mom jeans at home.

Q: Talk to me about the finishers' swag. What do I get to take home with me after the race?
A: Besides memories that will last a lifetime, runners that pre-register will receive a squatchtastic finishers item. We will have squatchy awards for the top male and female runners. We will give out the awards and swag at the post-race party.

Q: Ooo post-race party. What food will you be serving?
A: Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger! No fries, chips, no Coke, Pepsi. Definitely NOT cheeseburgers. Ever since they found Mad Cow disease in the US, we're not taking any chances. It can live in your body for years before it ravages your brain. We will be serving roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate BYO-Mug!!!!

Q: I could get lost in a brown paper bag and I'm worried that I'm going to get lost in the woods and be stranded alone in the dark. Will the course be marked?
Q: Whenever I get lost, I put my fingers under my arms, and then smell them like this…

Q: Ummmm... What?
A: Don't be worried about getting lost. Focus on following the reflective ribbons and glowsticks along the course. The light from your headlamp/flashlight will make the ribbons very visible. We will over-mark the course!!

Q: Speaking of directions, what’s the best address for me to use to get to the start/finish?
A: 879 Warwick Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 07421. When you get to the park, follow signs for the Wawayanda Beach.

Q: I don't want to run, are there any volunteer opportunities?
A: Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell! So, yes! We always need Sassy Volunteers, especially if you can play the cowbell. Click the "Volunteer" button at the top of the page!

Camp Hope

We are excited to partner with Camp Hope again, an awesome local camp and retreat center just around the corner from Wawayanda State Park! Camp Hope brings in over 2,000 kids from across Passaic County and sponsors all children with qualified needs to attend the camp free of charge. Among the many needed items, Executive Director of Camp Hope Karen Cisco expressed a need for sidewalk chalk! She said that the kids go through hundreds of pieces of chalk throughout the summer. So, for every Squatchayanda registration, we are going to donate 1 large container of sidewalk chalk! We are so excited to assist Camp Hope in their mission to provide a safe and fun camp experience for the children of Passaic County!


We want the WHOLE family to come out to our events! We have a special discount code for families registering 3 or more Squatches in the same household. Please email before you register so we can give you the code! Sassquad Trail Running is proud to offer 20% off all events to all active duty military and Veterans. Must provide proof of service. Please email before you register for an event so we can provide you with a discount code. NYNJ Trail Conference members can receive 10% off of registration; please email for the NYNJTC discount code!

Squatch Gear

Don't miss out an a special winter squatchtastic crewneck sweatshirt! Click the "shopping" link at the top of the page. Orders must be received by Monday December 3! We also have other Sassquad gear available in the store. No deadlines to order tanks, hoodys or buffs!

Sassquad Trail Running

We are a community of SASQUATCH-lovin' trail runners. Our goal is to provide FUN and challenging events for a reasonable cost and a worthy cause. (We like to think that) We have a good sense of humor, a full arsenal of sarcastic wit, useless trivia facts and a deep appreciation for cinematic and television masterpieces (as evidenced multiple times already). Follow us on Instagram @sassquadtrailrunning and like us on Facebook to get all of our Squatchy updates:

Sneaker Factory

Thank you to our friends at Sneaker Factory, NJ! Sneaker Factory supports Sassquad Trail Running on and off the trails to help make the events as squatchtastic as possible! The Sneaker Factory is NJ's source for all things running: New Jersey's oldest and most well-known running store, originally opened in Millburn in 1978. Stop by one of our three convenient neighborhood locations and let us help you find the "perfect ride for every stride." Millburn, Florham Park and Basking Ridge.

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