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Wildland 52 Trail Races

September 12, 2020 we will host the third annual Wildland 52k Ultramarathon in Jemez Springs, NM.
The full course is as challenging as it is beautiful and boasts over 8,000' feet in elevation gain and 6,500' feet of descent, the course starts with a run through the Jemez Monument, then a steep ascent out of the Jemez canyon onto Cat Mesa. It takes runners through a scenic run near
the colorful canyon rim, through creeks and by waterfalls, and summit two of our higher mountains. You will flirt with the edges of new burn scars along a high mountain ridge, run through old burn scars to witness the rebirth of a forest, follow fire-lines hand cut by wildland crews, climb an old dozer line up steep slopes now covered in wild flowers and behold the spectacular views from the fire tower. If we’re lucky, the aspens will be changing into gold and elk will be bugling!

$52.00 of each entry will be split between the Wildland Gaurdian Institute and Eric Marsh Foundation; two organizations created by the loved ones of firefighters who died in the line of duty. EMF steps in when a firefighter is killed or injured in the line of duty, assisting financially, helping navigate legalities and providing emotional support. WFGI was created with the goal of minimizing tragic line of duty incidents that may result in a firefighter being seriously injured or killed through education and better equipment; they also support families and crews with emergency preparedness and emotional support.

Each entry for the Wildland 52k course includes: $52.00 donation to WFGI and EMF, post race food and 2 beer tickets (must be 21 or root beer, soda, etc.) race shirt and finisher award unique to the 52K.

COVID19 UPDATE for 2020

PLEASE NOTE! As of yet, the race has not been cancelled, but we are weighing our options in light of recent events. The safety and well being of our runners and volunteers are paramount, and there may possibly be restrictions on such events that we don't yet know about. The thing we have going for us is we are a small race, with a limited field of 30 runners!
While many events that support organizations like the Eric Marsh Foundation and Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute are being cancelled, the need for their services does not end, so I'd love to be able to move forward with the event.

IF the race continues, it will undoubtedly look very different from the previous two years, as it will likely be very lightly supported in order to protect our runners and volunteers- the majority of which are volunteer firefighters/SAR and EMT's serving the Jemez area, as we do not want to place an extra burden on them or the community they serve. PLEASE NOTE: participants will be REQUIRED to be seasoned ultrarunners with mountain running experience and must be self-sufficient regardless of weather, trail conditions, etc.
AID STATIONS: Likely unmanned with the exception of medical personnel for emergencies. Drop bags and dedicated water/Tailwind for each participant will be at each aid station and appropriately spaced.
SAFETY: Again, you will be responsible for your own calories and comfort items at aid stations and on your person. Each runner will need to have with them weather appropriate gear and be prepared for rain, hail, snow, hypothermic conditions which can strike (as they did last year) at any time; you may be in shorts and in the sun and 30 minutes later in six inches of hail and 35% temps. Maps will be available to runners starting in July as the course is finalized; please know how to read them! I will work to have a course description over the next couple months as well. You will also be required to carry a Spot or In Reach; if you need to borrow one, please let us know as we will rent them for runners who do not have them.

Another option is to add Virtual Races, possibly one a month building up in distance and vert and even a 52k and 21 mile virtual race in September. We will be making a decision in the next ten days and will keep you updated.
Thank you for your patience and from my family to you and yours, we wish you joy and health.


Unfortunately, due to COVID19 we were unable to secure the required permits. This was a tough pill to swallow, as we know that with COVID19 firefighting has become more difficult and more dangerous or our wildland firefighters; the need to support them has not waned. Organizations like the ones we contribute to - The Eric Marsh Foundation and the Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute are seeing a decline in contributions since C19, though the need for them and they services they provide has not. Please consider donating to them this year. We're wishing you a safe and healthy rest of 2020 and will begin planning for 2021!

21.5 Mile Race

Not ready to take on the full 52 kilometers? Join us for the "Big Loop" of the Wildland 52 course! Still boasting technical trails, steep ascents and glorious descents, you'll gain 4,851' in elevation and lose 4,830' in 21.5 (well, super close), but the high meadows, ridges, and best views in the Jemez will make it worth the effort!

While the entry fee is not the cheapest the majority of it goes to support our Wildland Firefighters. In addition to the $52.00 donation, your fee will include race entry, race shirt, 2 post race beers of your choice (including rootbeer) and food and finisher's award.

Cut-off times will exist; you must leave Cerro Pelado by 1:30pm (7.22 miles and 3,241' climb) and the Meadow AS by 3:30 (13.31 miles and 1,610' elevation gain). Race Finish Cutoff is 6:30pm.

Number of Entries

This year's race is presently limited to 30 runners. Entry for the full ultra distance is limited to those with prior mountain ultramarathon experience; while the 21 miler is not; however, please understand this is an "advanced" mountain race on a technical and steep course that includes established trails, off-trail sections, loose and hardpacked uneven surfaces. Runners for both distances may find themselves alone for lengthy periods of time, are expected to be prepared for extreme weather conditions, must be able to navigate in outdoor environments if markings get eaten by wildlife or hidden by weather (both are known to happen on this course) and should be willing and mentally capable of "self rescue".


In the event the race is cancelled, you may transfer your entry fee to next year or donate your entry fee to the Eric Marsh Foundation to support Wildland Firefighters.

If the race is carried out but you need to cancel thirty days or more before the race, half of your race fee will be donated and half rolled over to next year. If you DNS or cancel less than 30 days out, the full amount of your entry fee will be donated.


An event is only as good as it's volunteers, so we need YOU! Volunteers will be needed to help organize the event, purchase supplies, solicit sponsors and volunteers, help with the pre-race dinner and runner check-in the afternoon before and morning of, as well as at the aid stations! You can sign up at the Volunteer tab!


If you can't make the run but wish to support the Wildland 52:
Contribute to the event. You may contribute to the event as a business or a personal sponsor! As a personal sponsor of the event, you will help cover expenses. Any and all funds remaining after expenditures will be donated to the EMF and WFGI. If you or your business would like to be an event sponsor, please email me at

Local time: 11:45 AM


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