Friday, Mar 29, 2019 @ 7:00 AM
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The Shrub Steppe 5 Trail Series

The "Shrub Steppe 5 Trail Series" is an organized series of trail running events and is hosted by both the Runners of the Sage and the Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington. Participants in the series must sign up for it on this page so that we can track the progress of the entrants, but then they must also register (or volunteer) for each of the 5 separate running events, be accepted into those 5 events, and follow the rules for each event. Entrants must also run in each event too (or volunteer).
The Series consists of the following 5 events:

1. The Race up the Snake (any distance - March 7) sign up at:
2. The Badger Mountain Challenge (any distance - March 27-28) sign up at:
3. The Jump Off Joe marathon or halfer (August 22, registration opens May 1)
4. The Chamna Chase (Oct. 17, registration opens June 1)
5. The Laliik-Rattlesnake Mountain half marathon (November 8th) sign up will be available soon

Those that enter and complete all 5 events in the same year will be awarded a custom award. The awards will be handed out at the start line of the Laliik half marathon in November. Remember that volunteering at any of these events also qualifies you for the award! Participants running or volunteering at all 5 events must register for the Shrub Steppe 5 series by 3/06/2020. If you wish to volunteer for one of the events, please contact the race director for that event. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

Local time: 11:23 AM
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