This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 24, 2019


The Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour is an annual international film and content showcase for the community, by the community, bringing a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. The 2019 Trails in Motion festival will be featured as part of the annual RACE-MANIA Summit and Expo in Boston, an event designed to educate, equip and inspire endurance athletes preparing for a new season.

The films will be shown in the state-of-the-art Dance Theater at the Boston University Fit Rec Center located at 915 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston (enter from the Buick Street entrance).

The film festival in Boston is sponsored by Barn to Run, New England's first and only farm-based trail race series (, and Move Free, a lifestyle brand designed to inspire adventure and give back to the planet (,

Included with Your Admission Fee

The $10 ticket price includes:
* Admission to the film festival where you'll get to see 5 great short films
* A chance to win some cool giveaways (e.g. Move Free gear, xx2i sunglasses, race entries)
* $5 off any of the races in the 5/27/19 Powisset Farm Trail Run in Dover, MA
* A discount on Move Free gear
* A RACE-MANIA Virtual Event Bag with savings on races, gear and more
* Admission to the RACE-MANIA expo starting at 2pm which is also inside the BU Fit Rec Center. The expo features 75+ exhibitors including coaches, clubs, event directors, and retailers and manufacturers of gear, apparel, training aids, nutritional products and more. Go here to see the complete list of 2019 exhibitors:

The Films

Trails in Motion features 5 short films and the running time is about 100 minutes. The five films are:

1. On the Corner - Japanese 100-mile runner Kenichi Yamamoto - one of the countries top athletes - has another life as high school teacher, helping to inspire his students to live and explore more. This film is a story of Kenichi's long journey of recovery, self-discovery and the lessons learned from persistence.

2. Running on Empty - The average person walks Corsica’s merciless GR20 trail in two weeks. Ultrarunner Rory Bosio is not average. With guest appearances of duct-taped hiking poles, anti-chafe gloves and local pizza, see what the 118 mile trail looks like in 50 hours.

3. A Few Steps Further - When Kevin Davis first began running, he was overweight and out of shape. He tried, but failed to finish a 1-mile run. Now, years later, he runs 100-mile races. He uses that fitness to support his other passion - backcountry hunting. In 2017, Davis was selected to run the Hardrock 100. Two months later he attempts a backcountry mountain goat hunt in the wilds of Alaska. The film looks at the crossover between endurance sports and hunting, and the need for public lands and wild places to do both.

4. La Barkley Sans Pitie - The Barkley Marathons is, for many, the toughest race in the world. In a remote corner of mountains in Tennessee, between former coal mines and an abandoned high-security prison, Lazarus Lake has been organizing for thirty years this underground event, which is both ultra-trail and Orienteering. A moving course, in the middle of the woods, without a precise path, five loops of about thirty-five kilometers to be completed in less than sixty hours. Since 1987, over 1,000 participants, only fifteen have finished ... "My idea was that only 1% of people can overcome it," says the organizer. Built around Alexis Berg's splendid black and white photos, and co-directed by Aurélien Delfosse, La Barkley Sans Pitié retraces a fiercest 2017 edition. At the start of the last lap, they were only two of the forty registered. And at the end…

5. How to Run 100 Miles - The odds were stacked against Jayson Sime early in life: poverty, homelessness, dyslexia, bullying. But he learned to fight, literally and metaphorically, and battled his way to a successful career as a political organizer. In 2017, he entered his first 100-mile mountain ultramarathon, betting on his lifelong resilience to carry him to the finish line.

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