Monday, Dec 2, 2019 @ 7:00 AM

El Camino de Lavaca Pilgrimage

13099 FM 531

Hallettsville, TX 192 Miler

This Event Took Place Mon. Dec 2, 2019

Event Description

The El Camino de Lavaca Pilgrimage is an event which follows a circuitous route of 192 miles through the counties Fayette and Lavaca in the State of Texas. The route is anchored primarily around 20 historic Catholic churches. Additionally you will encounter numerous Protestant churches, historical markers, the eight principle towns of the two counties, small communities, and rural country schools. This route starts and ends at St. John The Baptist Catholic church in Koerth, TX. The route is made up of mostly paved county roads, but we do use FM (farm to market), state and US highways where appropriate. There are approximately 35 mile of gravel roads. This route is directly inspired by Brazil's Caminho da Fe and Spain's Camino de Santiago.

This event format is different than your typical ultramarathon. There will be no winners, only finishers. No split times, stage splits, etc.. will be kept. The pilgrimage starts on Monday Dec 2rd at 0700 at St. John The Baptist Catholic Church in Koerth, TX. There are 27 Passport book stops on the route. Each day we will pass by the stops which are primarily churches. You'll annotate your time and date and will receive a stamp in your passport book. Each day we will travel up to 31 miles until we arrive at the designated stop point for the day. Please note, this event will take 7 days to complete. At each new day, we will meet at 0700 to begin the next day's journey to the next location. This is a closed route, but you may travel as fast as you would like, or you may tarry here or there to take in the remoteness, the history, the Churches. Each day is your day to take what you need from the pilgrimage.

Although you may have a support crew person, we highly discourage a "Badwater" style crewing interpretation. If your crew wanted to meet you once or twice during the day, or even pick you up at night, that is your prerogative. The race organizers will not provide "aid stations". However, on certain days, we may put out water refill spots, if necessary. Each night there is a hotel in the stop town, so you'll need to make necessary reservations or find some someway to sleep if you desire. You may purchase foodstuffs as you go, but note that at least two of the days, there are no stores in which to purchase supplies.

For your entry fee we will provide you with the following: Water proof map, cloth map, Pilgrim's Letter, Pilgrim's cord, kml route file, El Camino Supporter Patch, El Camino pint glass, El Camino Buff, El Camino hat pin, El Camino hiking stick medallion, and an El Camino de Lavaca Passport book. Upon completion you will be awarded a finisher patch, certificate, and amulet style military coin as a memento of your journey.

List of Stop Towns:
Day 1 Ends in Yoakum, TX. - 19 Miles
Day 2 Ends in Moulton, TX. - 27 Miles
Day 3 Ends in Schulenburg, TX. - 30 Miles
Day 4 Ends in LaGrange, TX. - 31 Miles
Day 5 Ends in Schulenburg, TX. - 31 Miles
Day 6 Ends in Hallettsville, TX - 31 Miles
Day 7 Ends in Koerth, TX - 23 Miles


Below are the places we recommend and have stayed in the prior years. The night before the race, you can camp at the Lampley's house which is about 1 mile from the starting point. You can also camp there the last night, the night of the 8th if you desire. This is where you will leave your car for the duration of the event. The address is 11921 FM 531 Hallettsville, TX 77964. You'll want to make your reservations in Moulton early. It is a small town with only one hotel. If the oilfield is in full swing, there will not be any rooms.

Dec 1st – 2nd Sun - Mon - Camp At Lampley's 210-870-0542
Dec 2nd – 3rd Mon-Tues - Yoakum - Black Gold Inn 361-298-5322
Dec 3rd – 4th Tues - Wed - Moulton - Moulton Inn and Suites 361-596-4200
Dec 4th – 5th Wed - Thu - Schulenburg - Best Western Plus 979-743-2030
Dec 5th – 6th Thurs - Fri - La Grange - The Oak Motel 979-968-3133
Dec 6th – 7th Fri-Sat - Schulenburg - Best Western Plus 979-743-2030
Dec 7th – 8th Sat-Sun - Hallettsville - Hotel Texas 361-798-5900


You will need to bring a story. A written story of say 2500 to 5000+ words. It does not have to be about personal things, but seriously write a fictional story or anything you want to write about. Bring a copy so you can read it, or you can read it on your phone to the group. Basically, the idea is similar to the Canterbury Tales where there was the Knights Tale, the Millers Tale, etc... Look to the Canterbury Tales for inspiration. What I want to do is every five years, publish a book called "Tales from the El Camino" So I want your story in there!!

Local time: 7:03 AM


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