Saturday, Nov 2, 2019
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 2, 2019

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All Finishes will receive a Saint Sebastian medallion.


No refunds will be issued for this race. However we will role over your registration until next year. Also if you have signed up for the race and cannot make the race and you do not want to roll over until next year you can find someone who will take your spot we will transfer your registration to that person and they can pay you directly.

Saint Sebastian 100: Philip Brown Memorial

This prize was given to the winner of each year's 100-mile race, this year it will go to the winner of the 50K for one year.
Philip Brown memorial
As many of you may know, our first 100-mile winner, Philip Brown, was killed in a tragic motorcycle vehicle accident. Philip won our first annual Saint Sebastian 100 (November 2016).  He also won the fastest overall first lap, which was a surprise award. This race was the first time any of us had met Philip but he made a huge impact on us as the Race Directors because of his constant good attitude combined with his modesty over being the consistent 100 mile distance lead runner.  He made a huge impact on the students performing research and manning the Aid stations, as he gracefully volunteered for all of our research and on each lap he was quite gracious and always in a good mood.
Due to the tragic accident and our high regard for him, we are dedicating this race to Philip's memory - The Saint Sebastian 100 Philip Brown Memorial Race.  In return, Mary had a special traveling trophy designed in honor of Philip, which was unveiled at the race in November 2017.

Pre-Race Meeting

6:30 am Saturday the 12th


Current plans are to run the Red Trail or at least sections of it. Due to previous years in-climate weather (large amounts of rain!) we have come up with several option for the course. Course will hopefully be run on mostly single track trail and service road through the Preserve. If this is not possible an alternate route will be on the service road from the Visitor center off Babcock Road to the race start area of the first years race (approximately 10 miles). This road is all packed dirt and remains mostly dry with only a few areas of water if the preserve trails are flooded. Under extreme circumstances race could be cancelled or rescheduled. This will only occur if there are no other options!

Course Type

50 K: 3 loops plus a little extra

Sun Cover/Shade

70 to 80 % of the course has full sun exposure. Exact details will be sent out closer to race time.


There are camp sites at the Race Start/Finish area, all park rules must be followed if you are camping in this area. The race is situated between the Vero Beach and Palm Bay exits off I-95. Both of these exits have several hotels if you choose to get a room. The are also a few motels and resorts located close by in Sebastian.

Race Timing

Race Timing will be performed by Mike Melton (MCM Timing and Results LLC) with real-time tracking and quick overall results. You will be required to wear a timing chip from Mike which you will get at race check in Friday night or Saturday morning. There will be at least two timing mats that you must cross during the race for the loop to count.

Cutoff Times

12 hours; minimum of 4 hours per 10 miles loop. There are no hard cutoffs, so you have the entire 12 hours to cover any distance that you can.

Aid Stations

2 main aid stations one at start/finish and the other at 5 miles. Depending on the heat, there may be additional self fill water stops. If you are running at the back of the pack (closer to the 19 min/mile cutoff) that puts you at 100 min between aid stations. All runners are expected to carry a water source (bottle, pack...) there will be minimum cups at the

Race Research

Since we are Florida's Race Research people, yes there will be research. We will send out a link to all registered runners about the research for this race. We hope to have some exciting research projects at Saint Sebastian 100 for you to participate in! If there is something you think might be an interesting research topic please let us know!

Trail Markings

Course will be marked with orange ribbon at visual intervals (you should always be able to see a red ribbon/marker). At night there will be lighted markers at visual intervals so you will always be able to see a light if you are on course. The course also follows the state park trail, most of the course should have rectangles on the trees or posts marking most of the course. Areas where trails intersect will be marked off by red ribbon. At anytime you cannot see a marker, please turn around and backtrack until you are back on the designated trail.

100 Mile Distance

We will not be offering the 100 mile distance for this year.

Event's current local time: 10:58 AM ET


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